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I am still learning to circulate, and my orientation is going so so at best. Everybody at work, who have been there a long time say my orientation is really really bad. But, I have nothing to... Read More

  1. by   micco
    For me, i read the preference sheets for the procedures the afternoon before. Do you have an Alexander's? If you are unfamilar with the surgery, this is good book for finding out the sequence of events. I think the best piece of advice i have recieved is to figure out your own routine and stick with it. When setting up a room, the first thing I do is gather equipment and then set up my prep stand with a foley, prep kit, and bovie pad. I made a list of things to look at in the chart and what questions to ask when interviewing the patient. I put the list behind my ID badge. Do you have preference sheets for each surgeon for each procedure? These sheets have instrument trays and supplies etc listed on them. Ask the tech what they need. Techs can be a good source of info about supplies. I make notes on procedures that I am not familiar with so next time I will be more prepared. It does get easier. Ask who ever does the schedule to be placed with the same person for a few weeks. that might help too.
  2. by   nurseontheloose
    I think you just described me. I have been a nurse for 13 years, but only in the OR/PACU for the past 3 years. To top it all off, I am one of those darn travlers now. To make you feel better, ever place I have been, even the "seasoned" OR nurse, still forgets, and makes "Stupid little mistakes", like forgetting to put a bovie pad on. And no, I was not only me that has made that mistake. Hope things get better for you. Hang in there. OR nurses are a different breed, but that is a true statement for alot of departments.
  3. by   tinkerbell06
    It is so nice to know I'm not the only one out there in the OR feeling that way and other people are going through the same experiences. I feel the say way about trying to get a routine down when starting cases. Just when I think I have the hang of it something else happens. Hopefully things will get better. I really think it takes a good year of orientation and it would be better to be in one service for at least a month before moving on to another.

    Good Luck with everything. Just know that you are not alone and I am struggling right along with you.