Should I go for hearts?

  1. Have 8 months under my belt at a very very small hospital. 3 ORs and was getting called off alllll the time. So I'm at a place with 10 ORs now and they have a heart room. I love it in the heart room. This place is severely understaffed with only two nurses that know hearts. None of the other nurses want to do it. The doctor in there is also amazing. The most patient, kindest and even funniest doctor I've ever met. The manager is all for me being in the room and learning but one of the nurses is not a nice person at all. Always putting everyone down. I've never seen someone so hated and mean. She also discourages me from being in there. I know it's a lot, but I'm willing to learn. Am I getting over my head? I just broke up with my boyfriend so I have a lot of time on my hands.. Ha. So I can spend my nights studying. I'm just curious to get others input with experience than from a super negative nurse who should probably retire because she's so unhappy (she's also in her 80s)
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  3. by   Argo
    Just do it. Sometimes people are just negative in general and have no idea how bad they are because no one has the fortitude to stand up to them and let them know they are a downer...
  4. by   countrygirl1234
    Don't let her discourage you! You should definitely do it! Eventually, you may gain her respect... if not, her loss. Don't let her stop you from doing something you will enjoy
  5. by   Soida
    Do it! I joined the heart team a year ago and I like it. The person who discouraged you won't be much help, but if your're already studying on your own then you'll be fine. He/She won't help much but being a self starter like you are you can do a lot on your own. Also, if the doc is as nice as you say, ask him/her. Usually they like to teach and can give you a better depth of understanding that can help you in case things go bad during the case. My heart doc isn't helpful AT ALL unless you are an attractive young female, so me being a guy I'm SOL But i went on youtube and our online databases to find out info, as well as asked fellow heart nurses.
    It's tough to go it alone, but you'll be stronger for it and be battle ready