Scrub training

  1. I have only been an OR nurse since June, but I think I have the basic hang of things now as far as circulating. In our facility we do a variety of cases such as general, ortho, gyn, and ent. Now that I feel comfortable to a certain extent, I'm wanting to learn more about scrubbing. Since our facility is so small, and we are short on nurses, most RNs do not scrub. I was wondering if anyone had any input on getting scrubbing experience through a course or anything else.

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  3. by   brownbook
    I would let a friendly scrub tech you work with know you are interested in what they do. Ask them questions. Ask if you can "scrub in" with them in a routine "easy" case. They may have old text books they would lend you.

    There are classes for scrub tech's but they cost thousands of dollars.
  4. by   msn2010
    Have you asked your manager if you can be trained as a scrub rn? In my facility, there are number of nurses scrub and they are expect to scrub prn. My manager believe that when a circulating rn can scurb, he/she can be a better OR team member.

    If not, when you get a chance, just watch them closely. I actually do prefer to scrub than circulating.

    Or have you thought about becoming a RNFA?
  5. by   canesdukegirl
    Yep, talk to your manager and let them know that you are interested in learning how to scrub. Sometimes they will let you double scrub and learn that way, but if your OR is already short on RNs, you may have to be your own advocate in learning this skill.

    Depending on how strongly you feel about it, you can come in on your day off and scrub in with the understanding that you are off the clock, and will only be in the scrub role-meaning you aren't there to give lunch reliefs or anything else BUT scrubbing.

    I did this a few times when I desperately wanted to learn how to scrub. I found it fascinating, and MUCH more fun than circulating. I did it on my own time, so there was no talk of "Hey Canes, can you cover your scrub tech's lunch since you are scrubbed in anyway? And can you cover the circulator's lunch as well? Oh, BTW, can you help clean up the room too?"

    I also stayed late (also off the clock) when I wanted to learn more about scrubbing transplants.

    I learned MOST of my scrub skills this way. Thankfully, I had a very understanding manager and she was very supportive of my need to learn and accommodated me whenever she could.

    You do have to clear it with your manager, however, to make sure that there are no liability issues to address. (For example, what if you had a needlestick injury when you were scrubbed in off the clock.)

    You will LOVE scrubbing. It just isn't the same to watch it. You have to DO it. Kudos to you for wanting to increase your skill level!
  6. by   SkipBeat
    Because we are a surgical center it's a monday through friday type place with no second or third shifts for the OR. All the OR nurses work M-F and since we are down to the bare minimum, I'm always circulating a room. I have talked with my manager about getting scrub experience, and she says to wait until we get more RNs. I can't blame her for that, we sometimes do not have anyone to cover lunches or breaks. I guess I will try to see if I can scrub in on some cases if my room gets done early and I don't have to give lunches or breaks. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. by   LovedRN
    Umm... I don't know where you are but there is an OR class out there. This link will show you where to go:

    I am going to attend the class at college at the canyons in CA. The class is 16 weeks, once a week, from 5 pm -10 pm.

    It might touch the scrub job. I dont know. I haven't take the class yet.

    Hope this help.