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ok, ladies, (and gents too) the former hairstylist is coming to you pros for hair advice! i am in the first semester of a 2-yr surgical technology program after 10+ years as a colorist/stylist. ... Read More

  1. by   TallBlondie
    Don't cut your hair! Plus you can always pull it back in a clip and "fluff" it between cases until it dries. If I wash my hair in the morning my hair will stay wet all day like yours but I think it takes quite a while before you really have a problem with mildew. I usually wash my hair before going to bed and leave it to do what it wants during the night, I then wad my hair up in the morning without brushing it because that is the glory of the OR
  2. by   TracyB,RN
    My hair stays wet all day long... b/c I insist on taking a shower when I get home AND before going in the morning. So many patients are just so darn dirty! Not to mention spatters of ickk landing anywhere & less than stellar housekeeping.

    Anyway, good idea Marie, about not clipping hair up the same way every day.
    I get headaches everytime my hair reaches a certain length, no matter if it's in a pony, clip, bun, whatever the style. The excess weight just pulls. Guess I'll cave & go get a trim on my off day.
  3. by   elizabells
    Don't know what I think of these, really, or whether you'd get laughed out of the OR for wearing it, but I found this link and thought I'd post.

    Holy moley, that came out big. Sorry! But they're scrub caps made for women (or men) with long hair who don't like the bouffant caps.

    BlueSky scrub caps

    I think I'd cut the ribbon off, for starters.
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  4. by   ebear
    I'm with you! Lose the ribbon. I could see that thing falling onto the field! (and you would also likely hear snickering ie: "What is THAT???)
  5. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I don't work OR but I do have long blonde hair down to my tailbone (and I'm fast approaching the big 50). I wash my hair at night and braid it up. In the morning, I curl my bangs, smooth and rebraid my hair and go off to work. Even if it stays damp, it does NOT smell funky at the end of a shift.