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  1. Why are RNs written up in your OR? Is it up to the manager? Based on surgeon complaints? coworker complaints?
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  2. Poll: Have you or anyone been witten up in the OR for pulling the wrong supplies for a case?

    • yes, it deserves a written write up for the RNs file

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    • yes but it depends on oher factors

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    • No.

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  4. by   Rose_Queen
    What makes you ask the question?
  5. by   heaingsoulrn
    This is happening where I work. I wanted to see if this this the norm in most ORs or if this is a case of harassment/ bullying.
  6. by   Rose_Queen
    Is the write up warranted? Is it behavior that doesn't meet minimum standards? Is it repeated despite correction? Your posts are far too general in terms. It would be much easier with specifics, such as nurse Y who has been with us for 6 months has a consistent rate of incorrectly picked cases despite efforts to re-educate.
  7. by   ProperlySeasoned
    In any OR I have worked in, the vast majority of writeups had to do with manipulting time (EG having someone else clock in for you while you went to the locker room to change), or not responding while on call.
  8. by   inthecosmos
    It is a patient safety issue. It should be an opportunity for education, not necessarily a write-up. But, as mentioned, too many details are missing.
  9. by   Argo
    If its a requirement of the job to pull cases, as well as do it according to preference cards, then yeah they can and will definitely write you up. I am guessing it has been a hot topic and isnt something out of the blue.

    Easiest thing is to do the job asked of you, the right way.