New Hire RN making more $$$

  1. So we just hired this rn for our o.r. she has the same years experience as i do, yet she's making 4.36 dollars more per hr than me. This is so infuriating..... I guess I'll have to quit and find another job. I can't look at her every day and think about it.... Has anyone else had to deal with this??
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Several times over the years, would become one factor in more than one decision to leave an employer. When called on it, nothing would ever be rectified. Now that really tells a person how little they think of you.
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    It seems that in order to increase one's pay, changing employers and negotiating skill is required. I've always thought employers focused far too much on recruitment and nowhere near enough on retention.
  6. by   Silver_Rik
    It's like this "everywhere" not just healthcare. It's called salary compression, new people get hired in at more than you're making and compensation policies and manager bonus structures restrict how much increase existing employees can get.

    My wife works in IT. She's a team lead with 11 years experience in her specify specialty and 6 at her current employer. New people with less experience who are always coming to her for help with their code are being hired in at $20K more than her. She could probably get that or more by going elsewhere; but likes the environment at her current work.