Iiiiii'm Baaaaaack

  1. Well its back to the OR after a 2 year hiatus as a home health nurse I hope its like riding a bike...I start 5/5 in the OR at Capitol Medical in Olympia Wash. If there are any Capitol, OR, RN's on this board I sure would like to have you PM me , and give me some hints as to day to day ops.. preference cards etc. I had my "brain" a small note book with all surgeons, preferences .. from bovie settings, positioning,to music preferences. in my first year it sure helped.I am so excited to be returning to the OR, but also a little nervous. sooo wish me luck and I hope to hear from some Or Rn's out there
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  3. by   NursieRN
    Not an OR nurse, but I do want to wish you luck Macox!!

    Glad you made it back to your first love!
  4. by   cwazycwissyRN
    MACOX welcome back to the OR. I also carry my brain in a little book in my fanny pack. I bet it won't take long to refresh your skills and get the hang of things again. Best wishes and enjoy the new job.
    from a fellow OR nurse

  5. by   shudokan-RN
    Thanks for the well-wishes . gonna run to office max and look for a new brain (hehehehehe)
  6. by   chartleypj
    Good luck Macox on your re-entry to perioperative nursing. It is very much like riding a bike.
    Just a suggestion; become involved in your local chapter of AORN. it is a wonderful resource and source of support.

  7. by   shodobe
    Welcome Back! Pretty soon you'll be working those 12-16 hour days, taking those non-stop weekend calls, trying to juggle in your mind the simplicities of a D&C to a AAA! Man this is FUN! Good luck and really it is like riding a bike, if you fall get back on and keep peddling. Mike
  8. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Welcome. Change is good in NURSING. I work in the OR too and love it. Ask away any questions, hopefully I can answer them.
  9. by   POPRN
    what made you leave the or in the first place??? and why are you coming back in to the or? i don't mean to sound like a bi*ch but i am just curious. i have been an or nurse since graduating nursing school 12 years ago. and now after 12 years i am thinking about changing from the or to another aspect of nursing. did you enjoy home health? did you have a good orientation into home health?? i love what i do in the or. but i sometimes want to get away from the stress. and home health sounds less stressful. please let me know about why you made the decisions.
  10. by   spineCNOR
    Two years is not long! I am sure you will make the adjustment quickly. You have the right idea keeping a "portable brain" with you. Change is always hard, but it can be good too--please keep us posted on how things are going for you.
  11. by   webbiedebbie
    Welcome back, macox. I, too, will be returning to postpartum after a 5 year hiatus this Wednesday. I guess it is like riding a bike??