Hovermatt Policy

  1. I am lookin for some information on different policies for the use of hovermatts. I am curious how often people are using them. Do you have them under the patients starting in pre-op or not until they are on the OR table? What is the BMI minimum for you to use them; or is it just a judgement call? Thanks!
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  3. by   WhoDatWhoDare
    Following.. I'm leading a trial in my OR to implement a lateral transfer device like this or the Sage Prevalon MATS.
  4. by   dianah
    We are a cath lab, and use them here as well as throughout the hospital (which endorses and practices a no-lift policy; there are ceiling lifts in every room and each bed has a sling under the pt).
    We place them on the cath lab table before the pt moves onto it, and use them to transfer after the cath.
    First patient we used it on weighed 400#.
    Follow manufacturer's recommendation for weight limits.
    We recommend, also, a prescribed script and at least three persons assisting with the transfer: one on each side, hands on matt handles, and one to press the button on the air inflator device (vacuum cleaner, whatever term you use).
    "Table locked." (tested)
    "Gurney locked." (tested)
    "Ready here." (hands in place)
    "Ready here." (hands in place)
    Go (button is pressed, matt inflates, pt is moved with slow movement, angled -- usually feet end first then head end following -- SLOWLY)
    When pt is in place, "Stop inflator." Button is pressed, matt deflates, rails raised on gurney, and patient is settled in.

    Good luck!
  5. by   ORoxyO
    If the patient is immobile we will have it on the pre-op bed so we can use it to transfer to the OR table. If the patient can move over themselves we place it on the OR table and have them hop on. Then we use it afterwards.

    We started with 250lbs as a starting point, with user discretion allowed.