Have OR Experience - But No Job!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have been a frequent reader of this site for many years (love it!), but have never posted much. I have had changes in my life recently that are leaving me so frustrated with healthcare in general, that I really need some advice.

    I have worked for 8 years as a Surgical Tech in Open Heart Surgery in Buffalo, NY. Surgery is my niche. Heart surgery is my passion. I am one of those "well rounded" employees who can function (reasonably well, too) in nearly every service. I knew long ago that I wanted to further my education, so after considering every logical career path, I decided to return to school to pursue a Nursing degree. I learned so much in school, and graduated my ADN program eager to embrace my new role in the OR. I quickly was offered a fantastic position in the OR as an RN, passed the NCLEX (phew!), and thought the next phase of my career was about to begin.

    At the same time (the same day, in fact!) my loving, supportive fiance graduated college with a teaching degree. His area of teaching is very specialized, and when he was offered his dream job in rural Northern New York we were both thrilled. Believing that my new nursing degree paired with my previous healthcare experience would land me a great job anywhere, I willingly and happily moved away from home with him.

    I took a few weeks off from working to ease our move, set up our new home, etc. I began my job search with the 5 hospitals here in my immediate area. They are all smaller than what I am used to, but all seem very nice. I had no idea what to expect. On each application I specified OR as my first choice in departments. I left my resume with each facility, detailing my work experience. Each hospital called me for interviews, each for positions on Med-Surg Units.

    Just for giggles I contacted and interviewed with 2 larger facilities, each a 3 hour drive from where I now live. (One to the East, one to the West) Each has offered me an OR RN position.

    I understand the circumstances which are against me. I live in a small rural area where the hospitals do not have a need for 75 RN's on their OR Staff. I do not have real "nursing" experience yet. And I also understand that working Med-Surg for a while could only make me a better nurse in the long run, possibly honing some skills that I might not practice in an OR.

    I am just so darn frustrated. For the past two years I have been working my butt off in school to reach my goal of becoming an OR RN. I've been a member of AORN for years and my long-term goal is to become an educator of perioperative nurses. I want to draw people into this field of nursing which I love so much! I am aware of the average age of perioperative nurses, and the general shortage of staff in most OR's... I'm ready to work!!

    Thanks for listening. I am getting ready to accept a Med-Surg position at the most local hospital to me. I can only hope and pray that either 1) I love Med-Surg like I love the OR, or 2) an OR position opens soon.

    Again, thanks for listening. It's a bit long, sorry.

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  3. by   Rnn2003
    hi sara, thanks for sharing my heart goes out to you. i hope that something becomes available for you soon keep us posted.
  4. by   SFCardiacRN
    Good luck!!!
  5. by   staceyp413
    Stay strong and do not give up on your passion to settle for another area. I'm in administration in a OR and I would hire new grads without question (esp a prev. surg tech) as long as they have that spark and personality to fit in with the group. My main focus when hiring is interactions with other employees, surgeons, staff, etc and CONFLICT managment. I look at how flexible you can be to adapt in difficult situaions and how well you take on tasks in order to get things done. What I never would want is someone who really doesn't want to be there or someone who is looking for others to solve your problems for you.

    If the OR is your passion..........don't give up, the right job will find you!
  6. by   absloyer
    Where in Northern New York are you? There are openings in the OR at Strong Memorial in Rochester, NY. Being from Buffalo, you know that we aren't exactly the "North Country" or rural, but we have positions open and positions for our heart team.
  7. by   huckfinn
    Get in contact with the manager of the OR at the place you would like to work. Applications go through HR and end up in the nursing pile, sometimes never to be forwarded to the OR. Get the contact info and make the call. You have everything to gain and who knows, they might need you right now and the OR folks don't even know you are out there. GOOD LUCK!
  8. by   Surgicell
    Thank you everyone for your replies and advice.

    I will keep trying to find a job that I will love!

    (I am located 3 hours North of Syracuse, NY)

  9. by   carcha
    Hi Sara, congrats on your RN. I dont know if this is any help but some years ago I lived in North America and like you presented my C. V. to several hospitals with little results. Then a friend advised me to ring the O.R. supervisor direct and what do you know, I was offered a job starting the next week. Prehaps things have changed since my day but it cant hurt.!
  10. by   EricG
    Find out who the OR nurse manager or director is and try to contact them directly with a resume. You will be pleasantly surprised, I am certain........