Has anyone taken the Periop 101 AORN final exam?

  1. I'm completing the AORN Periop 101 modules now for my perioperative internship program. Has anyone taken the final exam, or is about to take it? If you have, how did you study for it? I'm trying to figure out the best way to devise a studying tool as I have just started the program (7/26 modules completed). Thanks everyone!!

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  3. by   NabiRN
    The final is actually easier than the individual exams. The Laser module really scared me and I thought the final would be as difficult. I wouldn't even study for it.
  4. by   bnhanna9
    great! thanks for the information!
  5. by   MamaCheese
    If you're not having trouble with the modules I wouldn't worry about it. I thought the whole course and final were far easier than NCLEX. Good luck
  6. by   smithd5
    Study the questions that are in the modules and the quizzes. The final exam questions are VERY SIMILAR to those questions. Good Luck!
  7. by   msn2010
    Hi there,

    I am glad to read this. However, my anxiety level is still high.
    How many questions are there? If my classmates and I read the module summaries and study them we should be fine?

    If we don't pass the final exam, we don't get to complete in our OR training program.
  8. by   MaryMG
    Hi! I am taking this soon-I failed it on the first attempt- with a 78- do not take this stupid test lightly!
  9. by   msn2010
    I wonder if CNOR exam is similar to this. This was not an easy test. It was asking for specific details from the AORN Pre-op 101 course. Good luck.
  10. by   bdavid
    how did you do on your test ? was it similiar to the tests in the back of the modules or was it different ?

    any help would be appreciated. we have to take the tests soon. thanks... bdavid
  11. by   bdavid
    or better question...how would you study for the exam ?
  12. by   Dela RN
    I just took the final exam about 2 weeks ago. Some of the questions came right from the module questions. Pass is an 80% and and I ended up getting 83%. I believe you get like 4 hours to do it but don't quote me on that because I didn't end up using it... There was 113 questions and if you fail the first time you get a second try.

    As for studying, I had made notes for all the modules through out the course and just read through the notes. I made sure to do a lot of practice questions and that's about it.
  13. by   bdavid
    Thanks for the advice...we took the AORN final I passed as did 4 of my classmates so far .. Some of the questions were similar to the questions in the modules. Others were not. The test was difficult. I wish the format was the same as the modules . It would have been more useful when taking the test since you are used to it in your learning. I do not think the final is 100% definitive in our knowledge. Tough program.
  14. by   OR-RN2011
    I wanted to add my experience to this thread. I took this exam and would recommend people study. The questions ask some of the same information that the quizzes at the end of the modules ask, they just reformat the questions. If you have test anxiety this can be confusing.

    I am adding this to this thread for those that will search the site instead of starting a new thread.