Do you use smoke filtering bovie pencils?

  1. With all the literature out there supporting how toxic bovine smoke is I would love to see these implemented in our OR. Certain surgeons and staff are not the best at using smoke evacuators, and I feel the pencils would be great because the evacuator is already built in. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks all!
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  3. by   heartlover
    Many of the surgeons I have worked with hate them because of the added bulk the plastic smoke evacuator piece makes the hand piece. I don't think it's a horrible idea to use them. Gotta protect our health in every way we can. I just don't know if the reason they aren't more widely used is the surgeons disliking the bulkiness.
  4. by   ORoxyO
    Some of our surgeons insist on them and others won't touch them. I sort of feel though that since the smoke effects all of us that we should get a say!
  5. by   RobtheORNurse
    Hello Tachy,
    There are many articles and regulations relating to the use of surgical plume evacuators available. The key to having a successful plume evacuation program is to get "Buy in" from all parties, nurses, techs, and surgeons. Gather your evidence, everything in health care is evidence based. Then put together a plan of action, this should include a list of stakeholders, the list may be bigger than you think, but may include: Risk Management, OSHA Compliance officer, Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Environment of care officer, Employee Health, Laser Safety Officer or Radiation Safety Officer, Safety Committee, Biomed, and surgeons. Here are a couple of links to look at regarding regulatory standards
    There are many options out there for plume evacuation to help get compliance from surgeons, the key is to give them options of "What" to use but require that they use "Something".
    Please feel free to contact me for more information, I will be glad to help you in this project.
  6. by   MadpeysRN
    Are there no laws or regulation requirements for smoke evacuation? Isn't it a joint commish requirement?
  7. by   RobtheORNurse
    Joint Commission Environment of Care Standard 02.02.01
    Healthcare Facilities Manage Their Risks Related To Hazardous Materials And Waste
    The Hospital Minimizes Risks Associated With Selecting, Handling, Storing, Transporting, Using, And Disposing Hazardous Gases And Vapors
    Hazardous Gases And Vapors Include, But Are Not Limited To, Glutaraldehyde, Ethylene Oxide, Vapors Generated While Using Cauterizing Equipment And Lasers, And Gases Such As Nitrous Oxide

    Not to mention the NIOSH HC11 statement
    OSHA General Duty Clause, Bloodborne pathogen standard, and Respiratory protection requirement.
    ANSI Z136.3 standard
    All have standards, recommendations and regulations relating to surgical plume