Do all Outpatient Surgery Centers lack hours?

  1. I was hired full time outpatient surgery. I'm usually flexed (cancelled) two days a week. Is this normal? To the outpatient nurses: How many hours do you work at your outpatient surgery center? Just wondering if I have to take an inpatient position to get 40 hours a week ? Do all in-patient positions require going on call? Thank you for your response.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    You won't even be guaranteed 40 hours in an inpatient setting. I'm dealing with being short nearly 2 full shifts per paycheck lately. Unfortunately, surgeries ebb and flow. Slow periods are inevitable- right now it's likely to be a slump after a lot of patients rushed to get their surgeries done before the end of the year because they had already paid their deductibles. My current situation is going to be a long term deal as we've just lost a surgeon and won't be back up to full flow until most likely the end of the year- which is why I'm looking for new employment because that's just too long term to sustain financially. Your situation may only be a short term deal, but only
    you can decide if it's worth waiting out or seeking new employment.
  4. by   strive
    Rose thank you so much for this information. It's very frustrating because I was hired full-time and my boss controls my schedule Monday through Friday. I work six hours a day and cancelled two out of five days. It makes it impossible to have a day off and forces me to work seven days a week, and work another nursing job on the weekend. I have to decide what I'm going to do. I love the OR.
  5. by   SQueenRN
    My hospital OR is always busy. We run 10 rooms.
  6. by   RescueNinja123
    Are you a NP or circulator?
  7. by   strive
    I'm a circulator.