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  1. Hello all,

    I find myself at a cross road in my OR...

    I have found out that CT will be loosing one of their nurses and therefore will have an opening.
    I am interested in doing this, but, if I do switch to CT, I become the "property" of CT.
    They are a specialized group and only does CT.

    Now, I am in the main OR, and after a couple of months requesting to train in Neuro, I have finally reached the next one to train in Neuro, which I am excited about.

    So, which specialty would benefit my future endeavor as an OR nurse?

    Thank you all in advance!
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  3. by   Argo
    From my experience you are more of an asset and worth more on the pay grade scale if you do ctor. I do both but neuro has never helped me get $ offered to me. Im currently a clinical manager of or and coordinator of ct. Personally I think both of them are relatively easy. Ct is more fun. Neuro can be boring if you do alot of cranis. I prefer ct but will do whatever is thrown at me. I like the close knit team atmosphere in ctor. You get more emergent cases typically than your used to in main or unless you do trauma, especially if you have a busy cathlab. You will take quite a bit of call usually in ctor too.

    You already have a background in main or. Don't worry, you wont forget how to do those cases....
  4. by   canesdukegirl
    I agree with Argo. I think you will be more marketable if you learn CTOR. You will also be able to use more of your assessment skills when things start to go south. I know what you mean about becoming the "property" of the CT team, but since you already have experience in every other discipline of the OR, this experience would be better for you.
  5. by   NurseLumpia
    Thanks Canes & Argo,
    I took both your advises and went to the manager to ask regarding the opening. They (CTOR) were busy at the time and she said she'll talk to me once gets quieter...
    So, now, I have a question...
    Should I get ready for a round of interview? Since they are their own crew... In the brief encounter she asked where I am in my career, I mentioned that I can do anything up to ortho and just did neuro. Then her second question was how are u in vascular? I said I can do circ but not so much scrub... But I can do it...
    Now, I'm second guessing myself, cuz, when she said vascular, did she mean open? I replied Yes vascular but endo-vascular is what I do.. Trip-A I can do....

    Any insights? thanks!
  6. by   Argo
    If you can do a AAA you can do a heart.... dont let people scare you out of trying it... The main key for me when I take someone new in to try them out on our heart team is the willingness to learn. If they are willing and pick up on the stuff quickly they are good to go. If you want to scrub I would make sure to be nice and nonargumentative with the best scrub you have there. If you can get them to take you under their wing you are set. Be that way with everyone actually... if you dont know, ask... if there is an emergency type of situation going on and you dont know what to do then just stand back and ask after the fact.... You will have to learn to keep your ears open all the time. Dont ever stop listening to the field, all circulators should do this in any service but CTOR and CVOR you will bleed out in 30 seconds easy... just like trauma. You have got to be listening and available quickly to get what they need on the field and to perfusion and anesthesia.....
  7. by   NurseLumpia
    Thanks Argo
    That's one thing that I don't have to worry about...
    When it comes to getting experience on something that I am interested in I have no fear in learning about it. I totally want to learn this specialty and am so excited to learn it. In my mind I don't want to end up like the older OR nurses I've seen, they have stopped learning and get sooo set in their ways that they chew out and spit out the new nurses.

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