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I work in a small town ambulatory surgery center.There are only five of us nurses. 4 Rn's and 1 LPN. The patients who come in only receive conscious sedation. We have no general anesthesia. My... Read More

  1. by   veritas

    Nursing salary in USA is scary! We're Australian nurses and we thought USA was the "land of dreams".... looking at the low pay is making us reconsider coming to USA...
  2. by   yogacat
    Are you people kidding me? Anything less than $25/hr is a complete and utter insult! The OR is hard HARD work. I'm in AZ and I get $30/hr. At this juncture in my career, that amount of money is getting to be not enough. Granted, you usually don't have to deal with awake patients or their families ... but having to deal with narcissistic surgeons (the majority of them really are), turnover times not fast enough, administration riding your butt (turnover is never fast enough!), vendors, catty scrub techs, moving unbelievably heavy furniture, and faster, faster, faster ... double the 30/hr and MAYBE it'll be acceptable.
  3. by   ebear
    No we people aren't kidding you! It pretty much sucks in most places!
  4. by   yogacat
    Wow! I didn't wish to offend. Lo pay and hi expectations: reason number 312 why healthcare is going down the tubes. Sorry!
  5. by   ebear
    yogacat !
    NO!!! you didn't offend!! The angry face was not intended for you! It was about the situation we're all in! IT SUCKS!
  6. by   shodobe
    You know, it still depends where you work and live.Some areas of the country aren't as expensive as others and the wage should reflect that. I can't see where new grads should expect and get what they THINK they deserve just because they happen to graduate from nursing school. I started out at $7/hour in the beginning 30 years ago and that was a very good wage. After 30 years I make a very good wage and can't complain. People live where they want to live and shouldn't complain just because they don't make the money others make in more metro areas. People also should expect it to take a few years to make what others make after many long years as a nurse. I feel downright insulted when I read about some wet behind the ear newbie starting out just a few dollars less than me. At that rate I should be making $100 an hour! People should just relax and be grateful they can find work at all, and if they don't feel grateful find another profession.
  7. by   Sege412
    hi, in pgh. pa, recent adn grad., accepted a position as a staff nurse in a level i trauma hospital making 20.28/hr. i don't remember discussing on call salary with the recruiter, i assumed it was your hourly pay. i will discuss this with her and report back.

    i do agree a comparable salary depends on where you live. pittsburgh, has one of the lowest costs of living in the country. besides i just left the most unappriciated and underpaid profession, assistant teaching in a preschool!!!!!:trout: you can't get anymore underpaid than that for the work you do.
  8. by   ebear
    OMG!! I just had the chills reading your post about surgeon abuse of the schedule for their own benefit, abuse of staff, admin. with No balls, etc.! I left the O.R. 4 months ago after YEARS! You brought it all back to me as to the reasons I left. I. Am. SOO. Glad. I'm. Gone.!!!
  9. by   nurse bling
    Wow.....I work in CA in an outpatient surgery center and make 38.50, per diem
    I have been a nurse for 30 years.
  10. by   MSJ2007
    I'm not too concerned about the variations in pay across the country. I'd just like to know if RNs in the OR make less to start that do RNs who start out on a Med Surg floor or ICU. Does anyone have the answer?

  11. by   shodobe
    OR nurses will make more in the long run because of the added call they have to take.
  12. by   RacheloneRN
    I am about to graduate with my BSN in Dallas, TX. As an OR graduate nurse intern, my starting salary is 21.50, an offer that I received from another hospital was $23.77. Both hospitals are level 1 trauma centers with over 900 beds, in Dallas. This hospital is a magnet hospital, and the cost of living in Dallas is higher than in more rural areas of Texas.
  13. by   land64shark
    Quote from MSJ2007
    I'm not too concerned about the variations in pay across the country. I'd just like to know if RNs in the OR make less to start that do RNs who start out on a Med Surg floor or ICU. Does anyone have the answer?

    I will be a new grad in a few weeks and was hired into the OR. It is the same starting pay as anywhere else in the hospital.