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I work in a small town ambulatory surgery center.There are only five of us nurses. 4 Rn's and 1 LPN. The patients who come in only receive conscious sedation. We have no general anesthesia. My... Read More

  1. by   chartleypj
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by heartholder
    [ >we have voted down the last contract offer. because of mandatory overtime and lack of staff.>

    What kind of union do you have? It is important to recognize that a union is only as strong as it's members. Nurses need to unite and advocate for themselves in order to advocate for their patients. Nurses are great at taking care of everyone else; I don't know very many who actively advocate for themselves though.
    What kind of language was included in the proposal that it didn't protect the safety of the pt. and the needs of the nurse? Safe staffing and Mandatory over time are hot issues right now and definitely bargaining chips in negotiating a contract. Being mandated to stay beyond a shift will continue to happen; language to spell out precisely who (via a rotation) and how long(max. # of hours o.t.), is essential.
    Hang in there, it's gotta get better !
  2. by   heartholder
    Pj the union at our hosptial is getting better, but the last offer by managment doesn't address mandatory overtime or staffing. and least 3 RNs were mandatoried to work over. I know I was one of them and I am an occasionial nurse. I really wasn't mandatoried but I stayed for the patient. to management we are people with a life. we are bodies there to do a job... and there are times that I need a second person in the room. today I did a thyroid. and the surgeon sent out 11 frozen sections!!! it was a busy day. and I am so tired. but I still love what I do. but the management says because of the union we can't have a career ladder or any type of incentive to better ourselves. as a matter of fact, in the last contract they took away the bonus to be certifide, ie: CNOR, ACLS. I am kind of wandering. sorry.
  3. by   chartleypj

    Is your union a State Nurse Union or some other one? What are your reps doing about working conditions? Boy,do I hear your frustrations; our challenge as perioperative caregivers is to advocate for ourselves and our patients. Don't settle for less. Don't let management interpret/ explain your contract Don't let management tell you what you can and can't have in it. That is what you have a union rep. for. Not to mention the paid rep. from the organization repsenting the union in your facility.
    File a grievance every time you are mandated. Each time you are mandated tell the charge person that you will stay for 2 hours; beyond that time will put any patient at risk. If every staff nurse/tech unites and supports each other by doing this, the facility will have no choice but to provide a safer working environment.
    Good luck,
  4. by   heartholder
    we are SEIU service employees international union. and we are trying but that is a good suggestion. if everyone would only stay for 2 hours. they even manditory people on their days off. can you believe that!!! we just voted down the last offer made by the hospital yesterday. so I wonder if they will offer another one. last contract we gave notice of intent to strike. but at the last minute the union voted the contract. at the insistance of the union. our biggest complaint is fair wages and fair treatment of all employees. they are giving the nurses more than the techs. and of course another big issue is the overtime. I have went to management before when I felt I wasn't safe ( I had been at work for 21 hours straight) and told them that if they didn't get me relief. that I would document it. they found me relief.
  5. by   medman
    Western Kentucky 2yr OR nurse 16.17hr (prior job 18yrs as Surg.Tech) call 1 weekend every 5 weeks 48hr call, 2.25 on call pay, time and half if called back, 2 days call during week every other week. Looking forward to traveling soon! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  6. by   DefibbinRN
    I am interviewing in NH (North Conway) for an OR position and am curious to know what the pay rate is there. I currently work in RI as an RN in the Electrophysiology Lab. I have 5 yrs. experience as an RN w/4 in coronary critical care. I have a BSN. Would I be realistic in asking for the same rate of pay I am now bringing in, if not more? The cost of living in the Northeast is very high and this is a resort area in New Hampshire.
  7. by   DefibbinRN
    PS I make a little more than 23.00/hr.:spin:
  8. by   mollyl
    In the Alamo City, alot of the hospitals pay 17.00 to start...Where I'm at I started at $24.50, after taking ACLS I was given a raise of $1.00 . The MD's own the hospital.... Alot of other people in the OR, anesth...haven't gotten a raise, or cost of living increase for over 7 years. They also gave a bonus of $2,500. which was split into 3rds. 1st paycheck, $1000. 90 days, $750. then after being there 6 months the last $750. Make sure though you get it in writing on time distribution...because later the Nurse Recruiter, showed her fangs, and changed her story in front of her boss on how she informed myself and 2 other nurses on when we would get our bonus money, it was a big fiasko!
  9. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    We only have RN's in our OR. There roles are: scrub, circulating and floating (cover in PACU) if required.

    Our salary starts: $21.75 - 32.71 (Canadian)
  10. by   Bundles of Joy
    I can't believe the salaries that I am seeing. I am from Chicago, lived there for 30 years and relocated to Connecticut. I am a LPN making $28.00/hr working with the pool. I am going for my BSN this fall and a agency wants to start me at $42.00/hr for specialty work once my BSN is completed....

  11. by   mikestudrn
    Hello everyone! My name is Michael, and currently I am an ADN student in oklahoma City. So far, I have taken a great interest in working in OR, and was wondering if anyone could explain the concept and give details about First Assistants (RNFA)?

    Thank You
  12. by   chartleypj
    mikestudrn, will have a wealth of knowledge re all phases of periop. nursing.
    RNFA's act as first assistants to the surgeon during procedures. Some duties include, clamping, suturing, tying and retracting for exposure.
    There are many RNFA programs available for periop. nurses. The general requirements include certification in periop. nursing which in itself requires at least 3 years of OR nursing. There is an intensive 3 week program of classroom and lab work followed by a 6 month-1 year internship.The facility you work in must be willing to provide a mentoring program in which you work directly with 1 or 2 surgeons who provide hands - on training in frist assisting. RNFA programs cost around $3,000-5,000.
    After the classwork and internship you may be able to sit for the certifiying exam and become a CRNFA. I believe you need a BSN though to become certified.
    Good luck; perioperative nursing is wonderful !

  13. by   PhePhe
    Nurses-stand up and fight for what you are worth. All of you are seriously underpaid. There are jobs you could get in pharmaceuticals where you walk in the door with an RN and get $55K!
    After returning to nursing after a long absense, I am convinced that hospitals pay what they do cause they can get away with it! There is a nursing shortage--wages should be going up--significantly.
    Look at pharmacists--they used to make less than a nurse in the early 80's--now they make upwards of $75K as a beginner. We nurses have got to stand up for better wages and also for 401K plans!