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I work in a small town ambulatory surgery center.There are only five of us nurses. 4 Rn's and 1 LPN. The patients who come in only receive conscious sedation. We have no general anesthesia. My... Read More

  1. by   BrandyBSN
    1/2 time for oncall means that you are getting paid to carry around a beeper and "be available" if they need you. When I am oncall, I carry a beeper around my house, in my yard, in the car, and then if they call and need me, and I go it, I get paid time and a half.

    Does that help?

  2. by   rnor
    In North Carolina ( very small town) where I work in the OR the pay is not bad for the area. I have 21 years experience as a nurse, 13 of these in the OR. I make 19.89/hr. Pretty low considering....rnor
  3. by   mmckinneyrn
    Hi Everyone,
    I am a nurse educator in an OR in MI and we have not hired new grads in this area at this time. New grads in our hospital are earning in the early 19's. This really is good starting pay but unfortunately there is no compensation for degree or certification.
    Our call pay is $2.00 per hour with time and a half when you are called.(which is often). How much call is everyone out there required to take? I am new to the forum and look forward to chatting with everyone! -
  4. by   Rottie1
    I work in the OR in Oklahoma City, I have only been there 4 years, start pay (for all newnurses) was 14. and change 4 years ago since then I have had several pay raises due to the hospital upgrading the payscale, or annual or increased responsibilities now I get $19.46 / hour. Not really high but not bad for this part of the country. Also we only get $1.50 an hour while on call, but get this they stop the $1.50 if we come in to work then we only get paid our regular pay. I have yet to understand that one, does anyone else have to deal with this? We do get 75 cents more an hour if we are CNOR.
  5. by   shodobe
    25 yr in the OR. I make 33/hr. Take weekend call every 6 weeks for 48 hrs. Get 4.00/hr for standby then time and a half when called in. Take one night of call a week. Mike
  6. by   mmckinneyrn
    I want to go to CA and work with Mike!
  7. by   shodobe
    I live in NorCal but work in SoCal. I travel back and forth and will work 7-10 days straight then go home for nice long weekends. I have done this for five years and travel 450 miles between work and home. I couldn't stand SoCal anymore! I make good money because of the experience, 25 years, and have very little stress. I work at two hospitals that belong to a large hospital chain. I work 4 hours in the morning at one then go across town for another 10 hours. I don't mind the hours because going home is like going on a vacation. Lots of jobs in Calif for experinced OR nurses. I just can't believe the wages that some of you are making. Tantamount to slave wages. I know wages are based on the region, but some hospitals take advantage of this and most of the good nurses leave for greener pastures. Higher wages and benefits are the only way of keeping the nurses and the bottom line is the almighty dollar. I went into nursing for job security and the ones that gripe all the time about stress and job disatisfaction should get out and leave all that good money to people like me who appreciate the fact that I get paid well for something I am good at. Beats working at McDonalds or pumping gas! Look at all the college grads that spent 4 years or more and will never make as much as I make. I feel sorry for them because it is going to be a struggle for them for years just to pay off their student loans. My 2 cents worth, Mike
  8. by   Becka
    I work ambulatory surgery in a mid-size city in MI and our pts also get conscious sedation (no general here either). I have been an LPN for 10 years and currently make $12.50/hr the RN's I work with make between $17.50 and $19.00/hr


    Originally posted by dmclung
    I work in a small town ambulatory surgery center.There are only five of us nurses. 4 Rn's and 1 LPN. The patients who come in only receive conscious sedation. We have no general anesthesia.
    My questions might be a little bold to be asking. I was wondering what kind of wages are being paid to be an OR nurse.
    I am now getting 17.89 an hour. I am fairly new in this field. I graduated with a ADN in 1999. I was just curious and was wondering what was out there in terms of wages.

  9. by   rnor
    Becka, I've been a nurse for 21 years. I work in a 64 bed hospital, small town, and there are 2 small hospitals within 6 miles of each other, they pay about the same. I work in the OR, I get paid 19.89/hr., call pay is 2.00/hr. we take call 1week out of the month. We do not get time and a half when we come back for call. If you have not worked 40 hrs. that week you do not get overtime.
  10. by   natalia
    I'm a brand new grad in the OR in a community hospital in Portland, Oregon. My wage is $20.50/hr. I looked all over the country at positions and wages, and generally found the highest wages on the West Coast (and large NE cities, i.e. NY, DC., ect)
  11. by   poopsiebear
    I work in the Philadelphia region and have been with the same hospital for almost 3 years. My base rate is $26.68/hr and we will be getting a 3.5% increase in August. ($27.61/hr). We get $2/hr for taking call and if we get called in during call, we will still get the $2/hr call time plus 1 1/2 OT.
  12. by   stevierae
    Oh, man!!! NOW I see why so many nurses from the South come out here and work STRIKES (it's the only way they will ever make any money!!!) The Midwest seems to have appalling wages, too. I think all you guys should take travel assignments. That's what I do, because OR nurses don't make much money in Oregon, either, AND they are expected to clean their rooms as well, in a lot of hospitals!! Plus, if you choose to take call in Oregon ORs, the on-call pay is only $2 or $3 an hour. In San Francisco, where I usually take an annual travel assignment, it is another world. They REALLY respect their RNs: they always have adequate staffing (if someone calls in sick, they are automatically replaced by a registry person.) They have a safe staffing law with strict RN-patient ratios which are ENFORCED. No one would EVER suggest that we should clean our own rooms--they respect us as professionals, and, besides, we would be taking away a housekeeper's way of making a living. The unions respect each other. OK--in San Francisco, I usually ask for, and get, a $3,000. monthly housing subsidy, which is tax free, and paid as one check at the beginning of the month. (NEVER take what they offer you at first--counteroffer and counteroffer, and call around to different companies, until you get what you want. Some even provide a rental car and free CEs!! You need 30 CEs every 2 years to maintain a CA RN license.) You CAN go with their furnished housing, but I have friends there, and so I use a FRACTION of that housing subsidyon SF rent, and put the rest toward my own house payment and in savings. You can always get a roommte or roommates, too, to save on rent; that is how almost everyone in SF lives, anyway, while they are single, to save money. Hourly wages are around $29.00 per hour; doesn't seem like much, until you factor it in with your housing allowance (that makes it about $50.00 an hour, part of which is tax free.) I always negotiate a contract stipulating that I won't take call. I've done my years of call when I worked full time as a staff RN!! But, if you want call, on-call pay is half-time; call-in is a guaranteed 3 or 4 hour minimum at time and one -half. In fact, anything over 8 hours in a day is time and a half. In Oregon, you only get time and a half if you exceed 40 hours in one week. If you work 18 hours in one day, but you only do 39.75 hours for the week TOTAL--tough luck; it's still straight time. I LOOOOOVE working in San Francisco, and I love LIVING in Oregon, so I have the best of both worlds. You could too!! Oh, to the Washington RN who started this thread--why don't you e-mail me privately? I could tell you about some lucrative WA and OR travel assignments; you should NOT have to settle for so little money for all that you do.
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  13. by   VictoriaG
    I work at a rural hospital in Michigan. My base pay is $22.96/hour which is about what I was making 4 years ago n Lansing. I make an additional $1.10/hour charge nurse pay and only $1.60/hour call pay. Still, with call, I make about $55,000/year which is not bad for rural Michigan. You can buy a lot of house here for $100,000.