Colonoscopy - sterile water or tap water?

  1. I have seen both tap and sterile water being used during colonoscopies. What do you use in your facility?
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  3. by   maeyken
    sterile water. not sure what they use in endo.
  4. by   lpnflorida
    Okay, I guess I have to ask. Why would sterile water be needed during a routine colonoscopy. It is not like it is a sterile area to begin with. Seems to me it would be a waste of money. I understand how it might be preferable say during removal of polyps. Yet, then again I am not sure that it is needed. I would have to ask a GI doc what his thoughts are on it. As mine are mixed.
  5. by   lindaloo51
    We use sterile water. Reasoning was that there are studies out there that show pseudomonas in tap water. Also, Sterile water is also distilled and this prevents mineral build up in the scope channels.
  6. by   flightnurse2b
    i used to work endoscopy and we used distilled water.
  7. by   maeyken
    Many of our colonoscopies in the OR are done for laparoscopic bowel resections... and so the water could technically leak into the abdomen if the anastamosis site is not sealed. Also, like someone else mentioned, sterile water is distilled, so no build-up in scopes.
  8. by   brewerpaul
    If there was ever a problem and a malpractice case was started, you'd be glad your record said "sterile", even though it might not make any difference medically. Imagine a prosecuting attorney asking you"Yes or no: did you or did you not use sterile water during this procedure?"
    I rest my case ;-)
  9. by   jdg0719
    We use sterile water, since our city has a "hard water" problem. Its so bad its undrinkable