Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery

  1. I am a student interested in OR nursing-- am I correct to think that Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery is a useful and recognized book on the subject?

    Also--if you've read it--do you find that it has helped you in your job or given you a 'leg up'? Or is it more like "curiosity" reading? I am very interested to read it regardless--nerdy I guess--but I was just wondering if anyone was required to read it or had it recommended by supervisors, etc., as part of your specialty. Has it had a lot of practical value for you, in other words?

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  3. by   hotdog19d
    I'm a new grad in the OR and one of my preceptors was nice enough to loan me hers. I've looked through it and I think it's very helpful for the OR and covers pretty much every aspect of what us as nurses do in the OR. A lot of it I've learned through practical experience already, but its a very good refresher for those things.
  4. by   Scrubby
    I would definitely recommend it. This year i completed my HCF's certificate in perioperative nursing and I found it to be a huge help.
  5. by   ebear
    I would highly recommend Alexanders!
  6. by   brewerpaul
    It's a terrific, but expensive book. Find out what the latest edition is then go to or and buy a used copy of an earlier edition-- you'll save a fortune and not all that much will have changed
  7. by   coconutt
    Just fininished Periop 101 course and it was a required text. I like it.