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I see alot of posts by ppl new to the OR or thinking about joining the OR, I'd like to help by posting a 'What life in the OR is like" post. First, OR nursing is much different than floor... Read More

  1. by   SemperFI
    Quote from mikethern
    Some nurses and surgeons are very mean. Be prepared for this.

    After working 16 years in a professional office setting, the same could be said there. No matter where you go, there will ALWAYS be someone, or a group of someones, trying to trip you up....especially if they see you as a threat to them getting a promotion, raise, pats on the back, etc. Thanks to my father's influence, I'm ornery as hell in these types of situations. When I come across someone trying to play the "antagonist" role, I L-O-V-E to turn the tables on them. The more frustrated I make them, the happier I am. They eventually see that their "posturing" only serves MY interest and not theirs so they'll just stop altogether.

    All things considered I'd rather not play this game at all, but if you're gonna yank a dog's chain, you gotta expect to get bitten.
  2. by   coteaux
    I am a new grad and I like to go to OR. I live in florida and all the OR job offer say " CNOR preferred". How do I get into a Perioperative nursing course. I tried to see if I can find one online but without success. Any advice?
  3. by   CrazyScrubNurse
    Try maybe they can help u