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I'm having issues with certain members of the staff who think the rules don't apply to them.

We have a rule--NO open toed shoes on the nursing units. Period. End of story.

The two women from admissions walk around all day long with their strappy thong sandals and try to tell me they can wear them because they aren't at risk for "getting blood or a needle stuck in their toe." Are you kidding me? I spoke to regional HR who agreed with me 100%.

Anyone else having trouble with people who think they are above the rules?

That's super annoying. I'd probably proceed through whatever 'corrective action' sequence you usually use for disciplinary issues.

In nursing school, I volunteered in an ED with an older physician who always wore black sports sandals with black socks, as if we didn't notice his super-stealthy 'camouflage.' I'm amazed he never had an injury working in such a high-risk area, although I did see his socks saturated with blood during trauma from time to time. :facepalm:

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The solution is clear. Punishment shoes. Go to good will plunk down $5 on some men's sneakers in reasonable condition. Next pair of open toe shoes you see. They can sign the write up. Then choose, clock out go home and change, or put on the punishment shoes.

really stress that this is a safety issue. It's not for discussions or subject to their opinion. You the boss, the corporate management, and the state inspector all agree.

The number of times I have hit my toes at work, to include rolling a hospital bed over them, I would think that one such incident would convince anyone to wear steel-toed shoes! Open-toed sandals, not for me at work!

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