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Open Registration for PVT

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Hi everyone!

I know that many people hop on here to discuss their experience and anxiety post NCLEX (which I have) and I have a question that I can't see to find the answer to... I figured asking might help resolve some of my anxiety while waiting for quick results!

I started my NCLEX at about 7:30 and finished at about 8:20 this morning. My exam shut off at 75 questions. After talking to my classmates, they all said they received an email from NCSBN confirming that they had completed the exam anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours after completing the exam. I have yet to receive an email stating my exam was completed, so when I try PVT, it says I have an "Open registration." I have seen discussions on here about exams being on hold due to someone completing the exam quickly, but the message they receive is different from the one I have.

I know this is very specific, but I thought I would reach out for some peace of mind if anyone has had a similar situation :)

Thanks in advance for your insight!

The point of the PVT is to see if you are able to register for a new exam. If you are able to pay the fee and register, it is the "bad pop up" and you most likely will have failed. If you get a message that says that you cannot make a new registration as the "candidate currently has an open registration" or something along those lines, that is the "good pop up". That message is received most often by those who have passed the exam.

Your test is scored twice in a 24 hour period which is why people who follow this will tell you that any pop up prior to 24 hours is subject to change after that time, including me. Most of the time the message doesn't change but sometimes it does.

If you can pay $8 for Quick Results, do that and stop making yourself nuts. If not you might want to check your BON website from time to time as they will post license numbers online, different states update more or less often. My personal advice is to stop doing the PVT as people never seem satisfied to do it once and let it go, they do it over and over and over and over, which is crazy to me. If you're not going to have your anxiety eased by doing it once I can guarantee you will be just as anxious if you do it nine times a day.

If you were a good student and did well on tests, if you prepared well for the exam and scored decently on predictors, it's pretty likely you passed. Most people do pass on the first time through and having only 75 questions means you either totally rocked it or totally bombed it. Which is more likely, honestly?

Good luck :)


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