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My school has this thing called Teaching Night, kinda like Open House, but they show what they have been teaching to their students and how to teach their own students, by doing a small lecture in a sense to parents.

My new AP wants me to participate, and I thought of maybe doing an immunization lecture, but I'm not sure how to approach this since I never participated in this before.

Any ideas?

I was thinking of talking the immunizations that are required by state (Texas), and why they are required. I want to explain what these diseases are, and about herd immunity and why some people who are still immunized still get certain diseases. I want to make it family friendly if possible.

I'm wondering if you might need to narrow that down a bit since there are so many diseases that immunizations cover- maybe something to explain immunity in general and how immunizations work, and then pick one or two important ones to focus on like flu and MMR for example, since measles is going around again.

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How about teaching what parental responsibility looks like.

1) Calling the kid in sick when they are absent

2) Taking care of that pesky asthma and emergency action plans over the summer so the kiddo has an unexpired epi-pen or inhaler ready to go on the first day

3) That their kids, regardless of the little cellular device in their hands, DO NOT have the privilege of dismissing themselves

I could go on and on...

Ooh I'd quickly go over state requirements (maybe make a sheet for each grade level as to what's required--answer questions about any diseases/immunizations if they come up), when to keep your child home from school/exclusion policies, medication administration policies (if you need a doctor's note/parent note/etc), and maybe some "how to stay healthy during the school year" or during cold/flu season (hand washing, proper sleep, etc).

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