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Hello! Does anybody know whaich one is better for RNs either Ontario or BC? I graduated in the Philippines and had some experience there but currently working here in the states and planning to transfer in Canada. It's just that I can't decide where. Furthermore, does anybody know if do I still need to pass my IELTS exam if I already have experience here in th states? Thanks for your help.:)


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You would have to contact the licensing board for BC or Ontario for the requirements as an international applicant.

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If you don't need IELTS for the Provincial college of RN you will need it for immigration enabling you to obtain TWP or PR allowing you to live and work in Canada. Everyone has to do it, or take French exam regardless if it is your first language. If you are the principle applicant the exam is required

I see you are also looking at Australia and asking similar question. Each country will have their own requirements and picking a country where you don't have to do a English exam isn't really a good idea. You should be picking a country because it is where you want to live


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Ontario and BC are both experiencing economic "difficulties". Hiring preference is given to local new grads in many health authorities.

You don't just "transfer" to Canada, we're an independent nation.

We don't have licensing "boards". We have provincial Colleges that regulate nurses.

Better question is why do you have to leave the US? I thought that the US was the end of the rainbow for Phillipino nurses.


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Well, thank you for your reply. It's still unclear for me until this time if I should stay or transfer to Canada or Australia. I want to weigh things if this is the best place for me and my husband, thank you so much for all your reply. If I will go to Canada, I will be under the dependent status. Furthermore it also help me to see to which country my brother is suited to go because he just passed his NCLEX. I'm still in the early 20's so I want the best future for me that's why I don't want to regret by the time comes that I didn't choose the best option for me.:) But really appreciate your help! :nurse:

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Your brother's having passed his NCLEX means nothing here. Our exam is the CRNE and everyone who wants to work in Canada has to pass it. Just so you know.


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he passed both nclex and crne that's why he's weighing the options, but thanks anyway