Only a few weeks left of orientation

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and I'm already SO nervous! I have had awesome preceptors (started on days with one, now on nights with another), and all the nurses and CNA's I have worked with have been awesome! I know I can always ask questions once I am on my own, still so nervous! The managers go and round during the day, and have asked my pt's about me :/ seems positive, just that I need to work on my confidence. Guess they can tell I'm nervous too!

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How's it going on nights? It sounds like you are off to a really great start.

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Everyone tells me that all the time too....the confidence things.....seems like an oxymoron when you are a new grad LOL. The hardest part for me about being on my own is having to learn still under such intense pressure all the time. No time to absorb stuff! I think nights might be more chillax for me but it would kill me mentally. Hugs to you cuz I know this time is very hard for us. Good Luck!

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Remember that you don't know everything (no one ever does), but even when you aren't with a preceptor you aren't by yourself. There will be someone working with you that you can ask if you aren't sure about something. Hospitals have a TON of policies and procedures documents, so you can always pull those up too if you don't remember how to do something off of the top of your head. Just remember that all of the resources in the world are at your fingertips. Being confident when you're new isn't about knowing everything, IMO. It's just about knowing that you have access to all of the information you need, because you do. Good luck!

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