Only have 6 months to complete CEUs...what do I do?


IL issued me my RN license in November 2011 and My license expires already in May 2012. That doesnt give me much time, but I do understand why they do that. What I dont know though, is how many CEUs do I need? I assume they dont expect a full 2 years worth of CEUs...right? I cant get a hold of the IL BON, so I am hoping someone here can help me? =D


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IL requires 20 CEU for 2 years There is a company that is approved by AACN and my state of New Jersey, that you can get CEU's on line, No test. their web site ii


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Are you sure you are on the hook for CEUs already? I didn't have to worry about doing CEUs the first time I renewed my license, which was a year after I got it. I have another year to get the 25 I need :).

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Please check the link I posted: CEUs in IL are pro-rated.


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I had Very, Very, Very Positive experiences with!

When I called them for assistance, customer service answered me immediately, and resolved any issues I had.

I didn't know existed until someone here recommended them.