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is an online RN-BSN program a hindrance to entrance to NP program?

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Online RN-BSN program would be the best choice for me (most likely will have newborn by the time I start the BSN program). I am getting the BSN so I can go on to grad school; hopefully an NP program, so if the online degree will not look as attractive, I will try for on-campus education.

Does anyone know if this makes a difference?


If you already are an RN, I don't believe the online BSN should be a hinderance. If anything, it would be a benefit. I am currently in online RN-BSN and it is incredibly hard. Most of the program is theory, research, etc. I had vast clinical experience when earning my RN and working since. To be able to to succeed in the online environment you have to be very self motivated.


Ditto that. As long as the program is accredited, you shouldn't have any problem. There are online NP programs out there now, too, but there's extensive clinical involved that I'm guessing would have to be student arranged.


I obtained my BSN through St.Joseph's College in Maine. Totally distance ed except for 3 weeks on campus. I believe it is all on-line at present. They are an NLN accredited school and have an on campus program as well. I had no problem being accepted into grad school for my NP program and felt I was very well prepared for it.

Good luck!

I and several friends were up for review for spots in the NP program and it came down to 2 spots left and the person who had the traditional BSN got the spot over the person with the Regents degree, even though the online BSN had better GPA. Of course other things were considered, like the GRE score and experience. I had been enrolled in Regents, and when I spoke with a counselor she told me that even though they are accredited, it probably would make a difference when there were so few spaces open and several people trying to get in, so I stopped the online program and enrolled at the university. There are many RN to BSN programs now that meet in non-traditional times so that you can juggle work and school.

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how about an Online RN-BSN from a state university? they can't even tell the difference.

a lot of schools have them.

look around. where are you from?


I'm doing mine through on online RN-BSN. I am enjoying it.


This is true that schedules for traditional bricks and mortar institutions have become more flexible. But, there are many people like me who live in rural area where this is not an option no matter when the classes meet. I am almost two hours (if there is no traffic) from the nearest school where I could get my BSN. For me and many others like me, there is no way I would be continuing my education. In Tennessee the Board of Regents has started an online BSN to MSN program that I plan on doing after my BSN to work towards my MSN/FNP. It is all done online and clinicals are in the community. That degree is not distinguishable (nor should it be) from a campus based program. I think it is ignorance that would make a person choose a online accredited program graduate over a traditional program graduate. If I was hiring someone I would look at successful completion of a distance program as a positive since it takes someone who is autonomous and self-motivated to complete these programs.


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Need to know more information about Saint Joseph online BSN program.

Check out University of Texas at Arlington, Academic Partnership RN-BSN. 100% online, one class at a time, affordable like $8000 I think. UTA is on of the top nursing schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Good LUCK.

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Just a little food for thought, here. If you currently work as a RN in one state and attend an online BSN program several states away from where you currently live during the same time-frame (both would be listed on your resume), they will be able to figure out you attended an online program.


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Most schools offer online courses....so I'm sure they would not mind if you had an online degree. I did my BSN online and now I'm in an online MSN program. Online classes are the way to go! You get out of it what you put in to it!


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