Online options for PMHNP programs


Hi all, I am looking for the online options to enter the PMHNP arena. I will have MSN this coming spring and would want a post-graduate certificate program.

I have looked at:

Univ Southern Indiana

Kent state

I really prefer NO campus visits. Arranging preceptors isn't probably a major issue, I am comfortable trying that on my own. Also this would be post grad certificate only, for a NON-NP (my MSN in administration) and I need to continue to work as long as feasible (I provide all the benefits). Obviously I want to keep costs to a minimum as I am already looking at almost $30k in student loans.

I would love any recommendations from anybody out there!!


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University of St. Francis, Joliet IL

University of North Dakota

are two that aren't too far from you. I don't think you can get totally NO visits

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OP: Isn't preceptors "probably" not a major issue a lot like not "probably" pregnant?


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CLARIFICATION- arranging preceptors IS NOT an issue because I live in an area where I can access at least 25-30 psych NPs within about 45 minute drive from my home.