Wagner second degree Fall 2017

  1. Hey guys!
    I'm posting this for everyone who is applying to Wagner's second degree nursing program for Fall 2017. Just wanted to know how many have applied, gone through interviews etc?
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  3. by   laurenest12
    Hi! I applied in the beginning of feb... just got an email for an interview on Friday and my interview is tomorrow! I already took my TEAS so my last thing to do is my interview ... so nervous!
  4. by   nycgirl1994
    Let me know how it goes! Good luck. I had mine last week
  5. by   laurenest12
    Thanks I appreciate it!! If you don't mind me asking, how did it go? what types of questions did they ask you? interviews make me so nervous!!
  6. by   nycgirl1994
    It was alright. I met with one professor but to be honest I couldn't tell her reaction because she seemed rather serious and straight faced. Lol. However the questions were basic like why nursing, how do you study, why Wagner. It was def. more like a conversation. It's relaxed'
  7. by   laurenest12
    Thanks so much for the reply! Best of luck to you
  8. by   nycgirl1994
    No problem! How was your interview
  9. by   Silvina
    Hey! I had my interview March 3rd and it went really well. The doctor/professor that had interviewed me was very nice and it felt more like a conversation than an interview. She made me feel relaxed! Wish you the best of luck and hopefully all of us will be starting in the fall 😃
  10. by   Silvina
    How was the TEAS? I take mine next Friday! Kind of nervous, but I've been studying and practicing a little over a month now.
  11. by   sashaj017
    Has anyone been accepted? I just got an email regarding the TEAS exam & an interview.
  12. by   nycgirl1994
    The TEAS is literally how you practice based on the ATI book. I wouldn't stress it too much if you studied your basic material. All you neeed is 60+ To be accepted. & nope I haven't heard back. I interviewed super early in late Feb. such a long wait!
  13. by   nycgirl1994
    P.S what's everyone stats like if you guys don't mind like gpa; pre-req grades etc
  14. by   sau14
    My interviewer told me we'd hear back about acceptances in early April