USFCA-Sacramento-Spring 2018 BSN

  1. Hello all,
    I decided to start this thread in order to communicate with others that have applied to the University of San Francisco spring 2018 BSN program at the Sacramento campus.
    Also any advice from current students would be greatly appreciated like typical school day and clinical sites? I'm applying as a transfer with 3.8 GPA, 5 years of medical experience with direct patient care.
    One last question, typically when do they start sending out notifications? I'm so anxious and excited all at the same time. Any input provided would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   NurseAndie0912
    HI!!!!! ^__^ I have been waiting for someone to open a forum for the 2018 spring applicants and this makes me so happy! Thank you!

    My friend is in batch fall of 2017, and he has been my only inside source apart from the admissions office. He told me that they will be sending out letters by Dec. 15th, and to those who are going to be accepted are going to receive an email regarding about a payment. Their classes are three times a week, which consist of two lecture days and one clinical day. Lecture classes are from 8am till 4. You get to choose which days will work for you to do your clinicals, and they do it in veteran hospitals. I need to make sure and ask him which hospital it is first because I'm confused if it's Maryland or Matherfield. I hope this helps and I hope that more applicants will see this forum.

    My grades aren't as good as I have at least 3.2 GPA I have about 10 years of patient care hands on experience, and I'm currently working at UC Davis Med Center as a hospital assistant. My grades is the weakest part, but I hope they will still consider me to be one of their students. >_<

    The anticipation has been killing me because this is my first time applying in the school of my choice.
  4. by   Beatifull5
    Wow thanks for all the information. I have been checking my mail and emails everyday hoping for an answer. Someone else said the hospitals are Mather and Martinez for the first semester or something like that.
    Did he happen to mention how many people they accept each term?
  5. by   NurseAndie0912
    You're most certainly welcome! and yes my friend mentioned Martinez too. I just texted him couple hours ago and he said there were 24 of them who got accepted and 80 people applied. That right there made me more nervous.
  6. by   Beatifull5
    Oh okay cool. That's not too shabby. We have a 30% chance of being accepted into the program. So chances are those people who applied last term and didn't get accepted will apply again with the batch of us newbies applying. The less people apply the better for us. I sure hope they get those decision out by next week sometime. The anticipation is killing me.
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    Thank you for mentioning a new thread for spring 2018. The information was interesting and informative! I hope we are all of the 24 who receive good news (hopefully in less than 1 week)! My gpa in prerequisites is a 3.8 ish, but i have no patient care experience aside from volunteering which began about 6 months ago. However, I have a lot of life experience if that counts for anything. 3 days a week sounds entirely manageable for me and life. 80ish students is not a lot of applicants, so I hope the program remains under the radar.
  8. by   NurseAndie0912
    I'm praying that that 30% chance can be of luck for all of us. I also heard that they accept more transfers in Spring semester, and mostly undergraduates during Fall semester. ugh this is so nerve wracking especially when you said "in less than a week"! >___<

    both you and @beautifull5 have the best chances because your GPAs are awesome. Did you guys wrote all your answers in essay form?
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    Yes, I wrote the questions in essay form. I am a nervous wreck that builds daily. I found out in November that I was going to be on the alternate list at sac state and was super bummed, because I thought I would be accepted with no problem. Then my friend mentioned this program which I had no idea even existed. It has intrigued me for several reasons, but as a mom, a 3-day class schedule would be completely manageable. I have looked at other schools, but they are more fast-paced like 6 days a week. Anyways, I have had no idea how many people they select or any info, until I read your post. Most nursing schools post some kind of stats that mention the # of applicants and how many they accept. My anxiety is at a all time high. Do they send acceptance and rejection notifications at the same time? Just trying to know if we don't hear by Friday if we should mentally try to prepare ourselves for rejection.
  10. by   NurseAndie0912
    Oh i could not agree more ! I'm literally going through the same thing as you are right now. I'm a mess. Friday is like 3 days away and I don't know how I would react when I receive the letter. Pleeeeeease promise me that you will let us know here if you receive it on Friday. And yes they actually mail it all at the same time both the rejection and acceptance letters. >__< I guess it will probably depends on your location?? idk how the postal thing works. Anyway, usfca schedule will definitely work for me too as I am an independent student. I have to work to pay bills, so I decided to get transferred to night shift. My mind fights to whether I should be positive or negative about it, so Im here all blank.
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    I will totally let you know as soon as I here anything. I like these forums, because you get to "type" with people who are going through the rollercoaster of emotions and can relate. I have never been looking out for the mailman as much as I am right now. Good luck to everyone!!!
  12. by   Beatifull5
    Sorry I haven't been checking the forum as much due to studying for finals. It takes my mind off of thinking about it a little lol. I'm a nervous wreck as well. I will definitely keep you guys posted if/when I receive anything in the mail. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
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    I emailed them and all they said was we should hear soon via email or mail. They were rather vague! Good luck on your finals!
  14. by   Beatifull5
    I emailed them today as well and the response I got was that applications are in the final review process and that letters should go out around the end of the week. I also asked about the delivery method and was told that it may be a letter in the mail or letter and email. So same as everyone has been saying. I hope for the email because maybe I will know before the weekend is over.