UNLV SON Summer 2018

  1. Comment below your points if you are applying to the Summer 2018 nursing cohort at UNLV
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  3. by   candy2226
    Right now i have around 92.4 but im retaking a class so i hope to boost it up to a 94. How about you?
  4. by   purpleplum33
    I currently have 93.5 points but I'm not sure if that is enough. I'm planning on retaking a class in the Spring which would put me around 95.4 points if I apply for Fall. I'm just not sure if I should apply to Summer or not since we only have 2 tries at getting in and the Spring cutoff was super high.

    Are you currently retaking your class now? Or in the Spring?
  5. by   candy2226
    I think that would be enough. Spring was only high because all the people that had 93 points that did not make it in for fall 2017 all applied for spring 2018 making the cut off high. Maybe spring will be around 92 or low 93s. I'm currently retaking microbiology to boost my points and this will be my second time applying
  6. by   jsholland8
    Depending on how i do for micro, i will have either a 93.9 or a 95.3. The cut off for last fall and spring were pretty high but i think it will be a similar cut off score for spring and maybe even lower for summer 2018. If you have above a 93.5 i think your fine. Getting freaking competitive though
  7. by   purpleplum33
    You should be fine with a 93.9! I'm just so nervous because it keeps getting higher every semester, I feel bad for the students applying in a year or so from now.

    Did anyone find out the actual cutoff for spring 2018?
  8. by   esmiig
    Does anyone know how long you have to wait before retaking the hesi? I'm supposed to take it on the 30th of this month and I'm super nervous! I need to like get almost a perfect score to have a chance of getting in! I have 49.954 points without the hesi. I have my signing session feb 2nd.
  9. by   jsholland8
    I believe the cut off for spring 2018 was around a 93.24 or somewhere around there.
  10. by   candy2226
    I don't think you have to wait a certain amount of time to take it again. You can just take it again any date that is available.
  11. by   candy2226
    How are everyones points looking so far?
  12. by   jsholland8
    93.9 how about yours
  13. by   purpleplum33
    93.5 .... Still not sure about applying. So far this discussion has seemed pretty quiet though.
  14. by   Rebel2017
    Hi everyone! I have 92.4 points also and this would be my second time applying. I'm super nervous because I might not have enough points to get in for the summer. Should I retake some classes??