University of San Francisco Spring Transfer 2016

  1. Hi all!

    Is anyone attending the University of San Francisco for Spring 2016? Has anyone been in their program? I applied and was accepted for the Spring term so I might be going. I haven't been able to talk to anyone that might be attending so I was hoping I could meet some through here!!!
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  3. by   SFnursetobe12
    Still waiting for my letter (good or bad
  4. by   SFnursetobe12
    @nyugirlx19 did your letter come ups or usps?
  5. by   Luv2Fly22
    Are you accepted into the Entry Level Masters Program?
  6. by   SFnursetobe12
    @nyugirlx19 I just got my letter of acceptance into the BSN program!!!! Looking forward to meeting you
  7. by   nyugirlx19
    Right now I'm in the BSN program, I have a few prereqs to take and will start clinical in the Fall term. My goal is to get my masters degree though so eventually I'll be heading that way!
  8. by   nyugirlx19
    @futurenorcalnurse Congratulations!!! Are you originally from California? I'm all the way from Pennsylvania! Lol. NYU is actually my first choice so I'm waiting to hear from them, but right now I'm kind of stuck in the middle because both programs and environments are wonderful!!
  9. by   SFnursetobe12
    I don't start clinicals until spring '17 but maybe a spot can open up and we can start clinicals together I'm born and raised in SF so if you have any questions about the area PM me congrats, and good luck with NYU!!!
  10. by   nyugirlx19
    I'm not sure how to DM so can you DM me? Lol I'm new to this site so I'm still trying to figure out how it works! Haha I would love to know more about the San Francisco area.
  11. by   nyugirlx19
    @futurenorcalnurse I'm not sure why but it won't let me message you! I would love to know more about san fran, is there anyway I can contact you?
  12. by   CAscrublife
    Hi futurenorcalnurse! I’m also starting USF’s BSN program this spring and clinicals spring ’17. I’m from the southbay and would love to connect - it would be nice knowing someone at school .
  13. by   Simba101
    Hey guys, I also have to wait till spring 2017 for clinical, till that time I have to take only one credit each semester to keep my spot. (nursing 120 and nursing 170).
  14. by   SFnursetobe12
    Hi @aeen_sam ! See you Friday and maybe in Nurs 120