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Hey i am thinking about taking the rn program at university of phoenix right now i am only a cna i talked to the school today and they said i can take the hole rn program there and in about 4 years i... Read More

  1. by   outrunningzombies
    Quote from Donald11
    "It is a reality that many hospitals and medical centers do not recognized many online nursing courses due to the issue of accreditation and rigid requirements for the minimal requirements for practice."

    You can't bash online programs for their accredidation. Many community colleges lack NLN and CCNE accredidation. Wouldn't you rather go to an online school like Excelsior that is NLN accredited than a campus program that has neither accredidation?
    I believe CCNE only accredits BSN and above programs. There are PLENTY of community colleges that are NLN accredited--just search their website. And no, I would not go to an unaccredited college due to the possibility of future employers or schools I would like to further my education at not accepting my degree.

    EDIT: I haven't watched the documentary but I know that employers in my area prefer new grads from certain schools over others. If a school was known for turning out unprepared students, I can see how using the degree locally would be near impossible.
  2. by   Donald11
    None of the community college LPN programs in my area are NLN accredited. Only the hospital based ones seem to be accredited.