University of Miami ABSN Summer 2018

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Is anyone else applying for the Accelerated BSN program at the University of Miami to start in May 2018? I am just finishing up my application now and hoping to submit it in a week or two. I'd like to connect to some others also applying!

    I look forward to hearing from you all!
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  3. by   ang314
    Hey, I applied a few days ago! I keep reading on these forums that we get results back based on when we submit the application so I'm hoping it doesn't take too long. Where else are you applying?
  4. by   gmn96
    Hey, I heard that too. I am applying all over since there are not many affordable accelerated programs near me in Minnesota that fit what I am looking for.

    I am applying to Villanova, Drexel, Regis University, and UC Denver so far. Where else are you applying Ang314?
  5. by   ang314
    Well it must be really expensive considering UM is 40k! I was hesistant to apply because of the price tag but I wanted to up my chances of getting in somewhere. I'm also applying to UF, UCF and UNF.
  6. by   GypsyRN05
    Hello everyone!

    I applied to the summer 2018 accelerated BSN as well. Looking at previous years, I believe we should hear by mid February. Fingers crossed and best of luck to all of you!
  7. by   mirandagener
    Hey, I submitted my app on the 1st! Good luck to everyone and hope to join you in May!
  8. by   niccolel369
    Hi, I have been in contact with the admission department and I was informed they will begin working on the Summer applications mid/late October. They are still wrapping up the Spring applications.
  9. by   mirandagener
    I got an email with my CaneLink ID!
  10. by   GypsyRN05
    I got it too! fingers crossed!!! I'm in my last pre-req this semester so I hope that doesn't hurt me too much. Have you finished all of yours?
  11. by   mirandagener
    I'm taking my last two in the spring after I graduate in December! Lol I'm nervous to how they will react to that but we'll see
  12. by   niccolel369
    So after much back and forth with the SON admission department, they have given me so many excuses as to why I was declined for the spring 2018 term. Some of the excuses the staff at the school of nursing have said are as follows: "Our admission process is holistic in nature in that we conduct a thorough review of all applicants, which includes a close review of their grades, GPA, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, etc." You are still pending a prerequisite course, thats why you were not granted admission. I have been back and forth with the admission department and have had an awful experience, but despite that I have applied for the Summer term to see if my outcomes change. I am writing on this forum to warn future students. While your application is in review make sure to call and verify that all requirements for admission are met. I suggest you do so in writing, just incase the outcomes aren't in your favor you can file a formal complaint. Moreover, verify all contact names of representatives you speak with, this is also important. I have been through many application processes, and by far the one with UM has been awful. No student should have to go through all this trouble. If you feel you are a strong applicant I really recommend you call and verify that everything is good on your end. As I mentioned before, one personnel told me that the reason I was not admitted was because I had a pending course (which by the way their website says students can have 2-3 pending courses during the application process).

    I have now had to reach out to the Provost office in efforts to file a complaint on this school. Bare in mind, I am an alumna from this institution so it does hurt me to have to reach extreme measures, but I do not think this is fair! Luckily, I have been accepted into Johns Hopkins University for the direct entry MSN, so this is where I will be attending school. For those of you who have a bachelors degree in another subject area other than Nursing, you should look into these direct entry programs!

    Best of luck to everyone on their future endeavors!
  13. by   GypsyRN05
    @mirandagener The application said we could have 2-3 pre-reqs in progress so I think you should be fine! @niccolel369 I'm sorry to hear that. I've hit my fair share of obstacles with applications and different schools as well. My cumulative GPA is not high at all and i'm so scared that's going to be the reason I don't get in. I wish we knew exactly how they chose their accepted students!
  14. by   niccolel369

    I would just suggest if you have any pending courses contact the office of admission and make sure they verify that you can have them pending because per one of the admission personnels they did not accept students if they have pending courses, hence why I am going back and forth with the Provost office as well as the SON because that is not what is listed on their site.