SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

  1. Hello! I haven't seen a thread for the SFSU ELM-A program for the Spring 2019 cohort yet. Please feel free to share any information, updates, general stats, etc. regarding their application to this program!
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  3. by   tori24
    Hi! I also applied to this program and have been regularly checking allnurses for a thread to pop up for the upcoming spring! I did already get into an ABSN program in MA, but waiting to hear from SFSU to make a decision as I'd love to go there. Definitely anxiously waiting to hear back next week about interviews.
  4. by   nicxrt
    Woohoo! Congratulations on your acceptance! I totally understand your decision in waiting for SFSU. Hopefully the other program doesn't require you to notify them of your decision until after you hear from SFSU. In their email, interview invites go out the 3rd week of October, interviews are held at the end of October through early November, and final decisions go out the 3rd week of November. I hope this helps others who are also waiting. Best of luck to all of us!
  5. by   tori24
    Yeahhh, unfortunately the due date for deposit is like riiiiiiight when we should be hearing back from SFSU but it's okay. So we should be hearing like end of next week-ish, right?
  6. by   nlfrey
    Hey everyone! I have also applied to Spring 2019. Thanks for starting this thread nicxrt They just said generally by the third week of October so I'm hoping it's the beginning of next week! So anxious to hear back!!
  7. by   nicxrt
    Based on the thread for the Spring 2018 cohort, it looks like people started getting interview invitations around Tuesday of the 4th week in October. I'm hoping early next week as well, but anything goes. Does anyone know how many people they generally interview?
  8. by   tori24
    I THINK from what I've read on old threads that like 80-100 apply and 25ish get spots so I'm guessing like 30ish get interviews? 40?? This is all speculation of course. I've also read on other threads that they usually send out invites on fridays? Or I could be thinking of another school tbh.
  9. by   Michodell
    I'm anxiously awaiting too! It's the only program I applied to (risky, I know) so here's hoping!
  10. by   nlfrey
    Yeah I believe I read somewhere that they interview around double the amount of people they accept. What concentrations did you all apply to?
  11. by   Michodell
    I applied to the psych mental health focus.
  12. by   nlfrey
    I applied to the pediatric CNS track. Has anyone heard back yet??
  13. by   tori24
    I applied to the women's health track! Have a few years experience in that area so figured it made the most sense. I am a little confused though as to what this means for employment afterwards. I know we all will learn about each discipline. But will focusing on one topic affect if we want to try working in a different area after graduation? I'm just a little unclear on this facet of ELMSN programs.

    Haven't heard anything yet about interviews, though. I am obsessively checking my email
  14. by   Michodell
    I haven't heard anything either and I'm also obsessively checking my email!!