OSU grad entry 2019

  1. Hi! Is anyone else planning to apply to Ohio State's grad entry program, 2019 start date? I am checking every day, waiting for the application to be open! I am studying for the GRE (taking it 7/28) and trying to find someone to shadow. I'll be applying to the CNM track.
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  3. by   Psych32
    Hi! Yes, I'm applying. I just have to complete my video interview and make sure my letters of rec are submitted on time. I noticed in an email I received that they said the video interview process is new for this year. However, I know that they've used a video interview in the past so I'm not sure what they mean. Anyone else have any ideas?
  4. by   er_12
    I'm also applying! I still have to complete the video interview, super nervous for it! Looking at past years, I thought that the video interview wouldn't be until after materials were submitted but I guess they changed it.
  5. by   starfish282
    I am in the same boat! I've completed everything but the video interview. I wish they would've told us how long we have to respond to a question!
  6. by   ERZ2019
    I have submitted everything as well. Applying to the WHNP program. I am preparing for the interview tonight and hopefully completing it tomorrow. Other than that I am just waiting on my last two references.
  7. by   ERZ2019
    Completed the interview! Phew! Now the waiting game. I don't feel great about my interview, but hopefully I'll be okay. Best of luck to everyone!
  8. by   NP_hopeful19
    Hey, congrats on getting everything completed and good luck! If you don't mind me asking, how did you feel about the interview format? Was it pretty standard interview-type questions and did you feel like you were given enough time to provide thoughtful answers? Super nervous not having any idea what to expect for it. Currently applying for the PMHNP program.

    Good luck to everyone else as well!
  9. by   ERZ2019
    I'm so sorry I did not see this post. The interview format was standard for the most part. I felt the time to answer the questions seemed a bit short, but I was also very nervous. I did the practice questions a few times to try and settle my nerves. I'm sure you will do great! Best of luck!
  10. by   er_12
    I just did the interview last night and I think the questions were pretty standard. I definitely struggled answering the questions with such little time. Overall, I think it was just okay. How does everyone else feel about the interview?
  11. by   starfish282
    I felt like I flubbed it. Was so nervous that I don't even remember all the questions haha
  12. by   ERZ2019
    Does anyone know when decisions come out?
  13. by   NP_hopeful19
    I was told that it would most likely be mid- to late-February but that we would receive an email within a few weeks of the October 31st deadline with a more exact date.

    I also didn't feel great about the interview. I think you had 10 seconds to think of your answer, right? It felt super quick.. but it's all such a blur, I don't even remember lol. I'm sure they expect people to be nervous though so hopefully there's some leeway
  14. by   er_12
    @NP_hopeful19 when did you find that out? I was told at an information session that decisions would be released sometime December?