NYU ABSN Spring 2018!

  1. Hi,

    I was curious if anyone was applying to NYU ABSN program for the Spring of 2018! I have a Bachelors of Art in Communication with a business emphasis; I am currently taking prerequisites and applying this summer.
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  3. by   iamjessica
    Hi, I will be applying!
  4. by   happygoluckyy
    Awesome, I hope you get in! What do you have your degree in? Are you taking any of the prerequisites?
  5. by   iamjessica
    I have a Bachelors of Science and I am retaking some prereqs! I didn't do so well when I took the prereqs the first time in my undergrad so I'm retaking some courses in hopes that it'll help me. What about you? And have you applied before?
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  6. by   happygoluckyy
    I am taking nutrition and anatomy & physiology part 1. I'm enrolled in fall for microbiology, anatomy & physiology part 2, developmental psych & chemistry.

    It's my first time applying. Is this your first time applying?
  7. by   iamjessica
    Oh that's cool. What did you major in? And yes, it's my first time applying.
  8. by   happygoluckyy
    I majored in Communication with a business emphasis.
  9. by   nem90
    Hey Guys!
    I recently just graduated from the accelerated program at NYU so if you guys have any questions feel free to ask!
  10. by   happygoluckyy

    Thank you so much for joining! How was the program for you? How many prerequisites did you have completed when you applied? Are you applying to their nurse practitioner program? Did you stay on campus?

    Any advice?
  11. by   zolojan
    Hello Everyone

    I wanted to know for Spring2018 when will the application be available because i can't seem to find the date if anyone can inform i would appreciate it

  12. by   happygoluckyy

    I believe it will be available in August. Do you have your prerequisites completed?
  13. by   Enrique301
    I'm also applying!!!!!! I've recently graduated with my BA in Psychology and I've taken all of my pre reqs but now it's just a waiting game until the applications open lol
  14. by   Enrique301
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