Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm planning to apply for the HRSA NurseCorp Scholarship this year. I figured I would go ahead and start the next thread for this award year. I'm currently finishing up some of my prereqs and will be starting my BSN program in June. I know the application date hasn't been released yet but from what I have seen on other threads, it should be opened sometime in March/April with a deadline in May. I've also read that the prompt questions have been the same from one award year to the next so I have begun working on them as well as trying to figure out who I would like to use as recommendations. I would love to hear from all who plan to apply this year.
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  3. by   Taniqued
    Hello, same here. I have just started my accelerated BSN program in January 2018. Looking forward to being a nurse corps scholarship recpient this year. Also awaiting app cycle to open up. Let's keep each other posted. Thanks for initiating!
  4. by   futurenurse805
    I'm also hoping to receive the Nurse Corps scholarship. I'll be starting an ABSN program this fall!
  5. by   DomoniqueH
    Great to meet you guys! I'm waiting for the next phone conference so I can get clarity on the transcript request. I went to Brightwood College which offers a ADN but I specifically did their PCT diploma program. So it's unclear if I can use those transcripts. Technically the school has an undergraduate program & the school is accredited . It's just not accredited by one of the agencies that HRSA requires for the scholarship and my program was more of a vocational diploma program. Which hopefully doesn't matter since the nursing school I'm attending IS accredited by WASC.
  6. by   GabyTarHeel
    Hi Dominique and all!

    Thanks for starting this thread, I am also hoping to apply for this scholarship. I'm starting an ABSN program in the fall. I would like to get a jump start on the essays now like you are since I am so busy. Do you know where I can find the prompt from previous years?

  7. by   jenny2013
    Hello all. Thank you for starting this thread. I am in my first semester of a PMHNP program. The price of my schooling is going to be astronomical..I'm hoping to get a little help from HRSA this I'm glad to have others to keep in touch with so we can stay utd on the application/acceptance process. I'm hoping they open the cycle soon
  8. by   schoolisexpensive
    This will be my third time applying. I'm an FNP student. Don't mean to be pessimistic but don't get your hopes up. It's about a 9% chance anyone gets the scholarship. But hey third times the charm?!?
  9. by   jenny2013
    I'm hoping everyone knows the small likelihood of them actually receiving the award..but hey, it's worth trying...even for the third time!?!
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  10. by   nacole23
    Hello all!!!
    First year FNP/DNP student praying to receive this scholarship. It would help so much! Thanks for starting the thread & good luck to everyone.
  11. by   DomoniqueH
    Hi, if you go to their website and look at the Application guidelines, it has the essay prompts in there somewhere.
  12. by   DomoniqueH
    Welp it's March 28th and the application still hasn't opened. I'm assuming it's probably do to the issues the gov't was having with the spending bill and risk of them shutting down. But geez...every day I'm checking ...just hoping it's opened up!
  13. by   duchagd
    Hi all! Thank you for starting this thread. I am glad I found this forum. I just found out about this site today. Like you all I am hoping and praying that I could receive this scholarship. It would help significantly. I have been checking the Nurse Corps site since January not knowing that they usually open up the application in March. So I called customer service to find out when the application cycle would begin. The gentleman who answered said that they are behind this year because of the government shutdown. The application cycle is going to open up mid-end of April. The guy was so pleasant and nice. Anyway, have a wonderful week everyone! I have to go study for an ATI exam!
  14. by   slj0801
    Darn....well thank you for following up on this!