Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am interested in applying to the nurse corps scholarship 2017 2018 in order to pay for my accelerated program of sixteen months. I have a bachelors in sociology. I have done quiet a few researches. The application cycle will be open this month but I don't know which exact date. I have read discussion threads of previous years and have found really helpful information. I want to create a platform where interested applicants can ask questions, share information, discuss and help each other.
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  3. by   BBsnow
    Hi there, I'm also looking to apply, but I'm not sure when the application cycle opens unfortunately. Any idea?
  4. by   TheAmazon84
    Commenting to keep up on when the cycle opens.
  5. by   FutureBSN#
    I was so excited to received an email saying that the app opened, only to later realized that it was for postgrad programs. Has anyone found an answer to WHEN this application opens?
  6. by   Zeemud
    lol, the same thing happened to me when i received the alert for the NHSC csholarship. if i find out anything i will let you guys know.
  7. by   BBsnow
    Just spoke to HRSA today and they said they will be opening it this month but the program doesn't let them know which day until the day of. Kind of weird...
  8. by   hopefulFNP2017
    Well, thank you for starting this thread. Does anyone know if the need-based calculation is based off 2015 tax return year or 2016 tax returns (what we submitted last year before April 2016) or the tax return we will fill out this year before April 2017?

    I received notification about the NHSC over the weekend, but not this one as of today.
  9. by   rjohns58
    Just commenting to keep up with this thread!
  10. by   FutureNurseEmilyP198
    They will want to see your SAR from your FAFSA for 2016.
  11. by   Briaunak
    Hey everyone! Patiently waiting for the application to open as well. Posting to keep up with the thread.
  12. by   emmafleur18
    Hey all! I'm applying for NHSC, and patiently (not) waiting for Nurse Corps to open.
  13. by   tpalmo
    Does anyone know how to calculate EFC? Thanks
  14. by   ana120300
    If you fill out your FAFSA it will tell you at the end