Mt. Sac nursing program spring 2018

  1. Good evening everyone.
    My name is Nicole. I made this forum to connect with potential Mt Sac nursing students who may be applying for Spring 2018 admission. I'm am applying and wanted to see everyone's status, and maybe gain some insight on what is to come. I have not taken my HESI yet; I am taking it August 17th. I am also working on finishing up a summer class to know where my gpa stands for points on the multi criteria. I am between 76 and 83 points depending on my HESI score, gpa, and work experience. Not sure what the cutt off will be for the Spring 2018 semester, but I'm hoping I will have enough points. Hope everyone is having an awesome night. Hope to hear from future students.
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  3. by   jenn_a28
    I'm glad someone made this forum! I was looking for this forum to connect with some of you that are applying to the Spring 2018 semester. I am just waiting on my work letter to submit my application but I am getting anxious because I know sometimes the deciding factor is the date submitted if you are tied for points with other applicants. I am going to take the HESI on August 15 and I am aiming for a 90 (fingers crossed) and that will put me somewhere in the 80 range for points.
  4. by   Juliocesarsalad
    Hi my name is Julio. I am also applying for spring at Mt sac and rio hondo. If I get a B on the HESI I'll be at 83 but I'm hoping to get an A so that I'll have 88 and get in I'm wondering what the threshold will be for getting in. I'm excited to apply! Also, do you know what the typical schedule is for the program? I know it's about twelve units per semester but that's all I know lol
  5. by   jenn_a28
    Hi Julio!
    I am also applying to Rio! I'm scheduled to take the teas there on august 3. What day are you taking the HESI ?
    From what I saw on last semesters forum for mt. Sac they're threshold was around 77 but I do hear that alternates usually get in as well.
  6. by   Mich93perez
    I am also studying for my hesi for mt.sac.
    I rented the elsevier textbook but I was wondering if on the hesi test we will be testing in physics as well. My exam date is on aug. 16
  7. by   Nicoleb91
    Nice to meet all of you and I am so happy someone replied. I would really like to connect with other students that are applying to the MtSac Nursing program. I have not submitted my application yet, since I am waiting to take the HESI on August 17. I'm pretty sure I will be going in with about 78 point pending HESI score; really hoping it will be enough
  8. by   Juliocesarsalad
    Nice to meet you Jenn,

    that sounds great! I hope we all get in. I'm wondering how the class scheduling will be because I also wanted to continue substituting and also taking night classes at Mt.SAC. It'll be pretty interesting to have a cohort for the first time. I'm just waiting for summer grades to come in and also taking the HESI before submitting. I'm taking the TEAS I think Friday after summer school ends and then the HESI on the first day available, a Tuesday I believe.
  9. by   student4life87
    Nice to meet all of you. I will be applying to Mt Sac's nursing program this summer as well. I am taking the HESI on the 15th and as long as it goes well I should be coming in with 83 - 88 points. Hope that's enough. I was wondering if anyone has heard when they will be doing the application workshop?

    Good luck everyone!
  10. by   student4life87
    On the website it lists ,Anatomy and Physiology, Math,Grammar,Reading Comprehension,Vocabulary
    Learning Styles and Personality traits will be assessed, but not graded. Hope that helps! Good luck , I take the HESI on the 15th.
  11. by   Juliocesarsalad
    I am not sure whether there are any application workshops remaining for this upcoming period. They may have passed. Congratulations on your good-standing and I will see you on the 15th for the test! Best of luck.
  12. by   melodywei
    08/17 HESI! Good luck.
  13. by   Mich93perez
    Please let us know how you did on the exam.
  14. by   jenn_a28
    I took the HESI this morning and got a 86 I was aiming for a 90 but I can't complain considering I was still cramming last night but I definitely felt the HESI was easier than the TEAS. I didn't study the HESI book but I did purchase the app and that helped so much! The questions are super similar to the test itself.