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  1. Hi,
    I'm applying to Marymount university's traditional BSN program for next spring (application is due this summer). I have around a 3.0 GPA and am taking the TEAS soon but I have great recommendations and volunteer work. I'm very nervous my GPA will hurt me and I won't get in. Can anyone tell me their stats and if they got in or not? I'm thinking if I don't get in I'll retake a couple classes and apply for the accelerated program so I can hopefully graduate around the same time. So any advice you guys can give me on admissions at Marymount would be amazing! Thank you!!
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  3. by   Nnh7
    hey! I just applied for the spring 2018 bsn program as well, have you applied for the first review?
  4. by   bharveyy
    Hey! Yeah I did! Did you?? I heard we're supposed to hear back in the next 1-2 weeks!
  5. by   Mino32
    I spoke with them today and they're reviewing the applications in the new couple of days!
  6. by   bharveyy
    Oh awesome, thank you for letting me know! I'm so anxious about it, I want to hear back immediately!! Tell me when you hear back and I'll let you know when I do too. Are you local or moving here if you get in?
  7. by   Nnh7
    yes i did as well! I visited an admissions counselor there yesterday and she said my application is getting ready to be reviewed so im assuming thats for everyone who has submitted already as well. I'm extremely nervous because i dont have the best gpa, and my teas were not exactly great either. So im hoping my personal statement and resume will help out a bit and the fact that i've gradually gotten better since my first semsester. How are you guys feeling?
  8. by   bharveyy
    I'm in the same boat as you Nnh7! My GPA is pretty average (3.2) and Teas is average too, though I don't know anyone else that has taken it so I'm not sure what is considered good or bad (I got an 83 overall, 89th percentile). My resume/rec letter/personal statement were pretty good though so I'm hoping that helps! We'll just keep each other updated and hope for the best! When did you guys apply? And Nnh7 are you local or moving to Arlington if you get in??
  9. by   Mino32
    I applied August 28th or something right before the deadline. I'm super nervous!! I keep feeling like I'm missing something. My undergraduate GPA was 3.2 but I've had to take almost all the pre-reqs separately and have done pretty well in them. I had no idea what they were looking for in the personal statement but I feel like it was solid. I'm local luckily! It'll be a rough commute but so worth it . Are you local bharveyy?
  10. by   bharveyy
    Oh that's awesome! I live about an hour away so I think I'm gonna try to find an apartment in Arlington so I don't have to drive so much everyday, especially with traffic. Ugh rent is so expensive though, it sucks :-( how far are you Mino32??
  11. by   Nnh7
    I applied the Monday of the week for the first submission. My gpa is a 3.2 as well but I did get deans list last semester so I hope they recognize a progression in my transcript! I addressed my struggles my first year of college in my personal statement, but I feel like 500 words just isn't enough I live about 45 mi from the campus so I might see how the first semester goes before I decide if I want to Find a place in Arlington. I'm glad we all found each other on this forum!
  12. by   Nnh7
    Are u guys applying for traditional or accelerated? (I'm traditional)
  13. by   bharveyy
    Omg congrats on deans list! That's awesome!! Ugh I'm totally with you on the first year struggles, I think everyone kinda goes through that so they have to understand. I'm about 45 miles too actually!! I'm in the Haymarket gainesville area so traffic on 66 is always terrible but honestly I might do what you're doing and see how it goes before I commit to 1,200 a month for rent :-/. I'm so glad we all found each other too!! I don't know anyone else applying so it's nice to have someone who's going through it at the same time! Let's hope we all get in and can help each other study :-) and I'm traditional too!
  14. by   Mino32
    500 words is so difficult! I had to deal with a death two days before finals one semester and it severely hurt my GPA but from what I've heard they're pretty understanding if you show improvement and making dean's list definitely shows your abilities ! I'm located in Woodbridge so depending on the time of classes going north on 95 could be decent or the worst . I've heard that there are blocks of schedules and you get to put in your preference and you may get it or you may not. I've looked at apartments and I just don't think I can swing an apartment as I'm also still paying student loans from my undergrad:/. I'm going the accelerated route. I'm so glad someone else applying posted! It really helps lol.