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i will be finishing the lvn program in october 2009, i'm going to continue my education and become an rn. i found out that the uop has a program for lpn to bsn, has any one here attended this program... Read More

  1. by   NICUrn2B
    Sure thing :wink2:
  2. by   IwannaBeNP
    NICUrn2B : Can you please email me the info. as well? Thank you soooooo much in advance!
  3. by   miwukman
    I am in the class now, just about to A&P. My only compaint is the cost, very expensive but its better then waiting around for a draw in the lottery system in my area.
    This is still a new program so no one has taken the NCLEX yet, I am waiting to see how it goes.
  4. by   tlc365
    The classes are 5 weeks one nite per week and 10-12hr clinicals corresponding to which class you are in. The first is Med-surg you will take a pre-HESI then go to class for 5wks and have clinical on Saturday each week you are in the Med-Surg class. Next you will re take the HESI and must score a cetain score before you continue in the program. Next class will be a class without a clinical and you will take that for 5 wks one night a week then you will go to a Psych rotation and have the same schedule as the Med-surg rotation and it continues that way with a Peds rotation an OB rotation and an ICU or what they call Med-Surg complex rotation. So you are not in clinical every week you are in class only when doing those rotations and you will have a theory class or some other nursing class in between rotations. Just wanted to clear that up. I know its confusing to everyone who is not in the program. I go to class at the PHX campus. It really is an adult friendly program!!!
  5. by   luckystudentnurseRN
    Hi! I am considering going to UOP! I am currently in LVN school to finish next month! Can you tell me more information about the program? Thank you
  6. by   luckystudentnurseRN
    Hi! I was wondering if you know if there is a southern california campus?
  7. by   clarisse96
    Hi Nikki,
    I currently just enrolled in a lvn program, and I as well would like to have my BSN after I am done with this program. I was wondering if I can take the lvn-bsn route at UOP. If you can kindly, can you please email me the info please?
  8. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    I had spoken to someone from the Modesto Campus in California and you have to be working as a LVN for a minimum of 6 months and there's no way around that. She made that very clear to me.
  9. by   miwukman
    I am in the Modesto UOP LVN/BSN upgrade. It is not easy as some poeple have put it but it can be done. I am in A&P and in three more classes I will start the nursing classes! I am really enjoying it. If you can do not stop at the LVN thats what I did in 1984 and I am just now getting around to this upgrade. Do it know while studying is still fresh in your mind because it is real difficult to get back in to the swing of things after no school for such a long time.
    Good luck to you...
  10. by   NICUrn2B
    ive been on the waitlist for 7 months... still waiting really want to start......
  11. by   vanlo001
    I'm finishing up the rn to bsn program with one last class thus month. I highly reccomemd any lpns going for their rns while the market is so dry and the bsn is worth it. I go to uop and the work is demanding - I do it all online except clinical hours which you must arrange yourself. The education is quality though just don't expect to have your hand held. You need to be able to write and research and stay organized on your own because the instructors are facillitators. They give you questions and assignments but the learning you do largely on your own and with your classmates.
  12. by   mcnursiegirl
    I wish they had it in my area. but out here I would have to get my associates in health sciences and THEN do that to RN. they don't have an LPN to BSN program at least they did not when I talked to them last year. maybe I should check again....
  13. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Does anybody know how long the LVN-BSN program is? Just the nursing portion. There's a 2 year waiting list. Sheesh seems like I'm coming across nothing but road blocks that are preventing me from getting my RN in the quickest amount of time possible. I already hold a BA in a non nursing field and I don't want to spend another 3 years getting a BSN when I can take 18-24 months tops.