Los Angeles Pierce College Spring 2018

  1. Spring 2018 Nursing Thread
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  3. by   jason4546
    Hi there! I applied to LAPC nursing program for 2018 also! Did you receive any confirmation that they received the application or anything like that?
  4. by   Nugget34
    Hello! No, I haven't received a confirmation email yet. I'm hope they will be sent soon!
    Did you apply to any other schools?
  5. by   Esme12
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  6. by   jason4546
    I will be applying to LA valley college also. You? Have you taken the TEAS already?
  7. by   Nugget34
    I'm applying to Moorpark and Valley.
    I'm actually taking the TEAS on the 28th, so in 6 days. Have you taken it? If so, any tips?
  8. by   jason4546
    I took it in March paper and pencil of this year. I got a 73% but I didn't study much for it. I would just recommend doing the TEAS study practice exams online and studying the ATI teas book.
  9. by   Nugget34
    Awesome! Thank you!
    Have you made an appointment to see a counselor at Valley?
  10. by   jason4546
    Yeah I made an appointment today for next Wednesday. You?
  11. by   jason4546
    It would be great for me If I get accepted to LAPC since that is the closest campus for me but the lottery syatem is random so I don't know!
  12. by   Nugget34
    Nice! I had my appointment at Valley a couple of weeks ago. Now, I'm just waiting for their application period to open so I can go apply.

    I know! The lottery system makes me so nervous but, we just have to stay positive!
  13. by   jason4546
    Yes definitely have to stay positive! Is this your first time applying for the program?
  14. by   Nugget34
    Yes, it's my first time. What about you?