1. Hello everyone! I am currently trying to apply to KCC Fall 2018 LPN program. This is my second time applying for the program and wanted to see how competitive the program will be this year. If you are planing on applying as well, please post your stats below. Thank you for your participation!

    A - ENG 100
    A - MATH 115
    A - ZOOL 141
    B - FAMR 230
    A - ZOOL 142
    C - PHARM 203

    ATI TEAS: 79.3
    Nurse Aide work experience for about 4 months
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  4. by   sirI
    Hello Jazzy321,

    We moved your thread to the Schools/Colleges forum for the best response. Good luck!
  5. by   jones.mil
    Hi JAZZy321,
    I remember you from last years thread. I am also applying for SP 2018 LPN program.Here are my stats:
    Math 100-A
    N/A-Training & work will start on May 2018.
    TEas-I will take it on July.
  6. by   jones.mil
    HI Jazzy,
    BTW where do you work as Nurse Aide? I ask because KCC told me that the Institution must be SNF/ICF accredited.Lastly, how was your experience taking the ATI TEAs Exam?
    -Jonie Jones
  7. by   Jazzy321
    Hi jones.mil,

    Yeah I tried to apply last sem but I didn't get accepted.. haha I used to work at Wilson Homecare. I talked to one of the counselors and I didn't realize we needed to work in a facility. But they told me to still apply because they're not sure how strict they'd be on it. The first time I took my teas I ran out of time for majority of the sections and second time around I was able to go through all the sections on time and so I scored higher. I'd say try to do a practice exam and time yourself to see where you're at.
  8. by   jones.mil
    Ho jazzy321,
    You said you used to worked at Wilson?Do you have new N/A job now? In my case I will be starting my NA/Caregiver job on May,I should have 200 hours work exp before the LPN app deadline.I am hoping we will get in because I was waitlisted for ADN couple years ago and my prereq's are about to expire.
  9. by   jones.mil
    Couple years ago I took Teas V,for this cycle of application Teas 6 is the new version.Hopefully,My NA work exp will be enough eventhough its not SNF/ICF.
  10. by   Jazzy321
    No I currently don't have a NA job, but I'm trying to find a new NA job. I heard the only difference from the teas 5 was that for the math section they have a calculator and the science was mostly anatomy and physiology. Yeah the ADN is really competitive, that's why I decided to take the LPN-ADN route.
  11. by   jones.mil
    Send me an email and I will ask my comp.if want to work as an NA before the LPN application.
  12. by   Jazzy321
    Wow thanks! What company do you work for?
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  13. by   annasok35
    Hi guys ,

    I am new to this site but i am planning to apply for LPN in fall 2018 as well. Please give me some tips in order to get into the program .
  14. by   Jazzy321
    Hi Annasok35,
    I know the program recently changed their requirements for the cna class to a minimum of 135 hrs if not then we need 200 hr min work experience in a facility. I'm not sure how strict they are with it yet because this is the first application period they changed it too. If you don't mind me asking, what are you stats that you're going to apply with?
  15. by   Kdaoang
    I also applied to the prcn program this fall. I was just curious, if we dont get into the program...do we get our documents we submitted back? I had my instructor of my nurse aide course give a letter and it took a long time because he was busy with his classes. And if i dont get accepted i want to get it back so i can reapply for spring 2019. Do you guys know what happens if we dont get accepted first time applying? Or is this all your first time applying also..?

    Goodluck to you all