How old is too old to begin nursing?

  1. I am 57 with degrees that include a PhD and a couple of MA degrees, all in the field of Humanities.

    I am also a full-time university instructor.

    I have been thinking seriously since 2012 of becoming a Registered Nurse with an Associate Degree from the local community college which offers an evening/weekend program.

    So, I will have to take pre-reqs: I plan to sign up for a course in Human Growth & Development and an Intro To Biology for non-science majors this semester (free tuition for 6 credits because I'm full time university faculty)

    I do not need to do any Gen Ed courses I think that deal with writing, humanities, etc. (I actually teach such courses myself)

    My goal is to keep my full time job even after I get the ADN in 4 or 5 or even 6 years from now. I want to work part-time as an entry level RN.

    Is this possible?

    And after about 3 years of such part-time work, I would want to work full-time as an RN.
    And even try for the RN to MSN program. I plan to work at least part-time ideally until I drop dead.

    I am highly motivated, with an excellent memory and many academic, professional, and interpersonal skills. I am excited about this plan.

    Can I make it? What do you think? Your honest feeback will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   sl0352
    Congratulations on this choice! It is better to be a nurse at 61 than wishing you were a nurse at 61. If you have the opportunity to do it, as well as the drive to work at it, go for it!

  4. by   Rekt
    50s is the new 40s. Go for it
  5. by   avaconley
    I am 57... I am just completing my LVN... (Was not able to travel the distance for RN program when I started)... I am still a bit nervous due to my age but I had to do this for myself... I love caring for others... The hardest part, I think, is being the "loner" in class with all the younger students... I say go for it. It sounds like it will be a breeze for you. Wishing you all the best.
  6. by   Guy in Babyland
    How old is too old? Probably 5 years before you plan to retire. Any time after that, the pain isn't worth the gain. By the time you get good at your job, it is time to retire.
  7. by   Josh Runkle
    No age is too old as long as you are willing and able to rapidly adapt to changing situations.

    I work in EMS. 2 people I work with are in their 60's, and they are too old, since they cannot keep their information up to date and accept that medicine has changed over time and was not "set in stone" when they completed school. Another guy I work with is in his 70's, and I sit next to him and soak up information like drinking from a firehose. He's got lots of years left.

    I don't really believe that physical ability or raw intelligence are even one-tenth as important as the ability to continuously grow and evolve. If you can do that, you will have no obstacles.
  8. by   AjayNurseBae
    The only time you are ever too old to follow your dream is the day you die. Go for it!!!
  9. by   allisonmcx
    I think you should go for it! Why not take a chance on something you wanted to do
  10. by   akulahawkRN
    Dead is too old. If you're able to read this post, then you're still alive. That means you're not too old. Whether or not you feel that you have the energy/stamina/drive to do all the prerequisites, nursing school experiences, stress of taking the NCLEX, and attempting to find your first job so that you can be trained into the kind of nurse you want to be... that's all up to you.