Houston Community College Fall 2018 ADN program. - page 15

I was just wondering if anyone here is planning on applying for the ADN program this fall 2018. I will hopefully be applying but I need a retake on the hesi exam I passed all sections except the AP... Read More

  1. by   Adiajoliver
    I just spoke with them. They said we should hear something back around the 25th via email
  2. by   Adiajoliver
    In the meantime we need to have all of our vaccines and fingerprinting done. We don't need to have it uploaded on castle branch yet, but it wouldn't hurt to already have it uploaded
  3. by   w0ntonsoup
    Thank you, hoping there's some spaces left for us that were waitlisted
  4. by   w0ntonsoup
    Just got an email yesterday that I've been accepted! I was on the waitlist, and after the castle branch deadline on June 15 in seems they made some space for waitlisted people.
  5. by   careerchangetonurse
    I had spoke with someone in the nursing department and was told orientation was July 23rd and 24th 2018.... haven't received anything in the mail for these dates... anyone else have confirmation of orientation dates?
  6. by   FutureRN-MSN
    Has anyone still on the waiting list heard anything? I received an orientation letter today. Everything is done through castle branch and I'm paying for my drug screen.
  7. by   Adiajoliver
    All of my stuff is in as well. I'll see you st orientation. Are you in the GroupMe chat?
  8. by   FutureRN-MSN
    No. What do you need to add me?
  9. by   Adiajoliver
    You're invited to group 'HCC ADN F2018. Click here to join: GroupMe