GTCC Fall 2016 Nursing Program - page 7

Just wondering if anyone is applying for the Fall 2016 Nursing program at GTCC? The deadline isn't until February, but I thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone has already applied, and how many... Read More

  1. by   jky004
    I applied with 53, which the advisor said was competitive, so I'm hoping so :/
  2. by   D_king
    53 pts is really impressive. You will be accepted for a fact, I applied with less than that
  3. by   jky004
    I just got the mail right before I left for work I tracked down the mailman and I got accepted! Thanks for the confidence!
  4. by   toyag32
    Got my packet!
  5. by   TKshetry
    Am I the only one who has not got the letter yet? The wait is sickening!
  6. by   Ams1285
    You should call to make sure they have your correct info.
  7. by   Molly1986
    They said you should receive something by Thursday. But I would call just to be safe
  8. by   TKshetry
    I've emailed Mrs Dalton. Hope to hear back from her soon
  9. by   D_king
    You can also go on Web advisor to check that your address is up to date. It's under academic profile, and then "My Profile".
  10. by   TKshetry
    Yes, it is up to date. Given that I live only about 15 mins away from campus, not sure why it hasn't arrived yet. Trying to stay positive, but this delay is really making me nervous. Can't wait until tomorrow afternoon for my mail to arrive.
  11. by   D_king
    Yes! stay positive, your letter is in route. Good Luck
  12. by   TKshetry
    The packet just arrived and it's a YES. See you all soon 😊
  13. by   Molly1986
    YAY! See you all at orientation in May!!