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Hello All! Is anyone currently enrolled into the FNP online program at Georgetown?? I appreciate any feedback or input on this program. I haven't met anyone enrolled in the course yet...and i was a... Read More

  1. by   Patti_RN
    I haven't been accepted (yet! but have my fingers crossed!) I've had an amazingly positive experience, so far, with Georgetown. An admission counselor guides you through the process, gives you suggestions to improve your application and answers any and all questions you have about the program. If you're really interested in Georgetown, call them, they'll spend lots of time explaining everything you want or need to know.

    I do know Georgetown's classes are online, but not self-taught. You sign on at specific times and 'attend' via web-cam. You have the advantange of classroom interaction with you professor and the classmates in your cohort. You can ask questions, get clarification, hear other students' questions and the professor's answers--so much better than struggling through a book, yourself.

    Working and attending (full-time) isn't really an option. Georgetown's full time program is 18 months--that's less than half the length of some other programs. Being Georgetown, it's going to be rigorous to begin with--condensed into 18 months will make it super intense. I wouldn't even consider working while attending full-time.

    The advantage of this program isn't necessarily time flexibility as it would be in most on-line classes; the advantage is you don't have to relocate to D.C. to attend a top tier university, and you can do your clinicals in you own geographic location. You have to make sure your state allows you to attend Georgetown and do your clinical hours in your home area.

    As someone else mentioned, Georgetown finds preceptors for their students in the student's geographic area, you don't have to hunt for your own clinical experiences. Finding their own preceptors is often a difficulty for NP students.

    I've been very impressed with my experience, so far, with Georgetown. I applied to two other schools and the difference has been glaring. My GU admission counselor answers my calls and is very helpful and informative. At the other NP programs, I waited days for return phone calls, and often didn't have my questions answered. I was accepted to both other programs, but my first choice is Georgetown. I should find out in the next couple weeks if I'm accepted.

    Yes, $80K is a lot to spend on tuition, but it's a top tier school. Consider the length of time it takes to complete a program. At Georgetown, you graduate after 1 1/2 years, others take 2 or 3 years. That's six months to eighteen months of income you'll earn after graduation from Georgetown. That's time when you'd still be enrolled in classes, elsewhere. In that time, you'll more than make up for the $40K difference in tuition.
  2. by   Carol RN
    I've had several private messages about my experience at Georgetown. Apparently, I need an upgrade or something to use private message so I'm responding here.
    Georgetown is *******' intense!! It is night and day different than St Joes even though they are both on-line programs.
    GU has a 2 hour synchronous session every week (for each class) plus hours and hours of anynchronous course lectures to watch at our convenience to prepare for classes. I am currently taking Pharm, Patho, and Health Assessment and the schedule is very rigorous. But I'm learning WAY more than I did at St Joes! I'm so glad I transferred. I fell way more confident that when I graduate I might have a clue as to what I'm doing. It's expensive, but I think it is definitely pushing me further down the career track than St Joes would have.
    No paper writing in these "advanced science" classes, so no busy work, which I love. There are 4 tests in each class, which you take at home while on webcam in a quasi-proctored environment-so it is NOT open-book!
  3. by   NOTROCK1
    I submitted some of the requirements for the app, but when I popped the question about the cost per credit, I was told, 1600$ per credit! sheeesh! So I got some advice from my former college professsors who have sufficient knowledge on NP programs in the northeast. They made some good points, like for instance, its a new program which has not yet had a graduating class, two red flags are, it hasnt been accredited due to this and therfore you wouldnt be able to transfer your credits if the program didnt meet your expectations down the line. Also you cant compare the percentage of pass rates or retention for students. That being said, I decided that it was way to risky to apply, and they also said that the cost was outrageous. I hope this gives some insight on your decision.

    Quote from flower25
    Hello All!
    Is anyone currently enrolled into the FNP online program at Georgetown?? I appreciate any feedback or input on this program. I havent met anyone enrolled in the course yet...and i was a bit nervous about applying...It's a great/prestigious school...and I would like to know more about it from a students perspective before I cough up 78,000 bucks.. . Thanks in advance!!!

  4. by   ans0014
    how long after submission of your application did it take to hear a response from GT?
  5. by   DeadHead219
    For those of you who have applied/accepted, what was your GPA (I'm not being rude, just asking if I have a shot with a 3.2). I'm not sure if it's worth the time/money for application if I have no chance.
  6. by   Patti_RN
    Georgetown looks at much more than an applicant's GPA. Through conversations with my admissions advisor I learned that some applicants with a 4.0 have been refused and applicants with a 3.2 have been accepted (these are the exceptions to the GPA requirements).

    They truly look at the whole person, not eliminate or accept based on any strict set of rules. For instance, if your GPA is great, but you don't have a lot of experience you may be rejected. On the other hand, if your GPA is on the low side but you have a long history of volunteer work, you may be accepted in spite of your less than fabulous GPA.

    Completing the application process is a monumental feat in itself. You have to do the standard things like write an essay, submit your transcripts and get letters of recommendation, but you also have to submit a video of yourself speaking into the camera telling G-town the reasons you want to attend, what experience(s) shaped your career, etc. It was the most intimidating aspect of the process for me (and I understand most people struggle with it). After an entire day of me sitting in front of my webcam, taping, discarding, retaping, and finally getting a 4 minute video that was barely acceptable (to me), I attached the file to my application. This completed my application; I heard in less than two weeks that I was accepted!

    I couldn't be more thrilled with this choice. I applied to two other schools (one ivy, one top tier) and was accepted at both--they were both distant second choices to Georgetown.

    Georgetown's method of educational delivery is unique and will probably become the gold-standard for all other on-line programs. Schools that can afford to use this real-time, quasi-classroom, 'Skype' format approach will certainly try to emulate and imitate Georgetown's model. It truly is the best of both worlds--students enjoy the atmosphere, relationships with other students and professors, and the immediate feedback of a traditional classroom, along with the convenience online programs offer in terms of avoiding daily commutes to school and possibly moving to the geographic location of a university.

    If you think Georgetown is a good choice, don't eliminate that possibility because you believe your GPA isn't strong enough, or you wonder about other aspects of your application. Put your best effort into your application and cross your fingers.

    Best of luck. Private message me if you have detailed questions; I'm happy to help!
  7. by   KyelvertonRN
    I'm still waiting to hear from Georgetown, but I just got my acceptance letter from USA! If I do get into georgetown, I'm wondering which one I should choose. I mean, how do you say no to Georgetown, but at the same time I am concerned with how new it is. Is it accredited yet? The money is a big deal too. Plus, i dont know about having to log into classes at an actual class time while mainating a job, as opposed to completing the course work on my own time. Any advice??
  8. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Hi all, I just finished my ASN through Excelsior College and am Currently begining their BSN program. I have been an LPN for 6yrs, and plan on working the entire time I'm doing my BSN. I have a 3.0 right now, but hopefully after passing these classes i'm trying to get in the upwards of a 3.5.

    I also have the GI bill which I have 36mo left. I'm wondering if with the tuition being so high if the GI bill will cover some of it and then Financial aide the rest? I've always wanted to be an FNP but with hubby in the Army I had to repeat classes and start from scratch everywhere the Army moved us (hence the reason i went with Excelsior College)

    I'm very familiar with distance learning and this is the best option for me.

    Is anyone in the 18mo full time right now? What are your "hours" each day that you put into class? I can't really get any info from the advisors at Georgetown until I am within 3mo of graduating from my BSN. They were VERY nice to me though when we talked! He mentioned a 97% pass rate on the boards...but in early posts someone said they are not accredited? Is that true?
  9. by   greennursa
    I just finished the 1st semester of the FNP program and it was intense. The program is expensive but it worth the price and the name recognition in the end. There are a lot of unemployed new-grad FNP. Georgetown on the resume will definitely open some doors
  10. by   melodys38
    Schools do not start programs without getting accredited first. especially a high profile school like Georgetown. For example, I heard about a school that had a PA program and were looking into creating an online program. They had everything set up, but even before they were allowed to take applications, the accrediting body had to come and inspect the program so they can start. It turned out that they did not pass and the result was the shut down of this new program. So, if Georgetown has an online FNP program, I am 99.9% sure that the FNP accrediting body has inspected and bought off on it that is why it may be more rigorous than a traditional program
  11. by   Patti_RN
    @melody, et al: I missed the previous comment suggesting that G-town's online program isn't accredited--yes it is. Melody is right: it meets the same standards as their residential NP program, and has the same accreditation. A quick visit to their website or a call to their admissions department will resolve any doubts!
  12. by   TwinkleStar1
    I got a letter with a brochure of the nursing program via regular mail today. Still no word on admission/rejection. Did anyone else get this? I am not sure what this means?
  13. by   lmdyal
    Could anyone who is already enrolled tell me what the class time is like? I know you have to sign in at the scheduled time but what kind of times are we talking about. I work 2 days a week and dont get home till 8 or after so I was curious. I am apply for the Nov cohort.