FTCC Fall 2016

  1. Hey, everyone! I am new to this site, and am looking for others in the same boat as me! I am just getting ready to submit my applications for Fall 2016. So far I am applying to two schools, one being FTCC. Is anyone else applying to Fayetteville Tech for Fall 2016? I'm trying to see about where I might stand...what is the max number of points we can have towards admission (including the 15 bonus points we can get at the information session)...is it 95?
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  3. by   28*lt
    hey I just submitted my application as well, I can't seem to find anything out about how many points on average you need, but their new point system gives me less points Good luck to you!
  4. by   28*lt
    If you want to get intouch you'll have to use facebook because it doesn't let me message anyone on here. Or my email.
  5. by   APeregoy
    How many points do you think you have if you don't mind sharing? The change in points lowered mine too, but I am hoping I still have enough to get in. Right now, I think I have 75. But I can't get any better. I've finished all of my classes, and done the TEAS and everything.
  6. by   28*lt
    I'm not sure how to add them up...But I got an A in both the prereq english classes, an A in psychology, and a C and B in the A&P classes. Are those all the classes you can get points for? Then I got an 84 on the TEAS. I have a bunch of classes in the program too because I was taking prenursing at a 4 year college in colorado... My facebook name is Jessi Condon if you want to add me. It'd be great to know someone who is in the same situation because I just moved here and I don't know anyone who goes to the college.
  7. by   APeregoy
    Sorry, I've been super busy the past couple days. The classes you can get credit for are ENG 111, ENG 112 (or ENG 114), PSY 150, PSY 241, BIO 168, BIO 169. To figure out your points, you multiply the number of credit hours using a 4 for an A, 3 for a B, 2 for a C. So if you got an A in both English courses, and A in one psychology class, and a B and C in the A&P classes, your points are 56 before the extra 15 points you can get at the information session coming up. I also got an 84 on the TEAS...so that gives you another guaranteed 2 points. You get points for having worked as a CNA for 6 months, having a previous college degree, having another license or certification (like NA II, EMT), and they will give you points for scoring above an 80 on the math test they give us at the information session. We're supposed to get an email with our HARF in March which will give us our official points (minus the ones we can earn at the information session). I just hate having to wait so long for everything! We don't find out about acceptance until May!
  8. by   28*lt
    Oh good so I have taken all the classes and also I'm a CNA 2. Sounds like we should be good. I'm decent at math cause I just took a college algebra class as well! Okay so without the info session I believe I have 65, so then I should be able to get the math points and CNA points. Too bad they don't give points for being on time and being dressed professional still...I talked to someone and she said I had a very good chance and would be surprised if I didn't make it.
  9. by   APeregoy
    Yeah I'm an NAII right now, so I've got that going for me too. I wonder what the points were for previous years...that would make me feel better about my points if I knew what the average was that's usually accepted. Did the person you talked to give you any info?
  10. by   APeregoy
    I also tried to find you on Facebook, but there are quite a few Jessi Condon's lol. I'm under Collin N Amanda Peregoy.
  11. by   28*lt
    She didn't tell me previous points but told me they accepted all applicants last year. The only points info I could find on here were in the 150's so they have definitely changed in since then. Ok I will find you on there. This website kind of sucks at communication.
  12. by   APeregoy
    Oh wow...that makes me wish I had applied last year haha! I didn't because I still needed my A&P classes but I might be half way done by now! I really hope we get in!
  13. by   run123
    I applied too! I went to the information session in September and asked what the average points or estimated point totals needed were and was just told that it's a huge change from year to year and depends on the applicant pool. Also, the additional points sheet has already changed slightly from when I looked a few months ago.

    The main thing I took from the info session was that last year there were 100 slots for the RN program and only 115 qualified applicants.

    I'm currently taking my last 2 classes, ENG 114 and BIO 169, got an 83 on my TEAS, and have an "A" in the other 4 "for-points" classes. I have my CNA cert but haven't worked as one. So I guess you two ladies have more points than I do. I'm Jackie tommila if you'd both like to add me on fb
  14. by   28*lt
    I think it is kind of unfair to change the point system in the middle of the application period. Although I guess if they aren't giving points out for just being on time and wearing appropriate clothes then no one will get them and it will still be even. IDK