1. Hi everyone. I have not seen a thread for FIU's ABSN 2018-2019 program so I figured I would start one. If anyone wants to share their stats/ volunteer history please do!
    Hoping all applicants could get to know each other prior to the start of the program and we can start a facebook group upon acceptance.
    I applied last week so fingers crossed.
    Good luck everyone!

    Overall and prereq GPA: 3.46
    Teas: 92.7
    I have a LOR for work experience but could not submit my volunteer hours.
    I currently volunteer in Neuro at Children's.
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  3. by   Gram Stain
    Hi there! Very cool to see the next batch of applicants start a conversation. I'm in the current 2018 cohort that's about halfway through the program. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer to the best of my ability.
  4. by   Melrosewood
    Quote from Gram Stain
    Hi there! Very cool to see the next batch of applicants start a conversation. I'm in the current 2018 cohort that's about halfway through the program. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer to the best of my ability.
    Hi there! Thank you for reaching out! I'm really just concerned at this point whether I would be picked for an interview or not since I was unable to verify volunteer hours. The wait is the worst part.
    Do you know how many students applied for your cohort? Also, how rigorous do you feel the program has been so far? What is your weekly schedule like?
    Do you have any tips for me to better prepare for the curriculum prior to the start of the program?

    If the textbooks are the same for my potential cohort, would you be able to sell them to me?

    I've got lots of questions :haha: thanks again for your help!
  5. by   Gram Stain
    Questions are good! I'll start from the top.

    Your TEAS score is excellent and your GPA is pretty good too. For reference, I came out of my first Batchelor's with a 3.11. I scored all As for my prereqs and got a 91.3 on my TEAS. That, plus 75 volunteer hours at an ER and my interview, got me in. Plenty of my cohort didn't have any volunteer hours, however, but it always helps.

    I'm not sure exactly how many applied for this cycle but they accepted 30. Two dropped out in the first week due to personal reasons leaving us with 28 now. I know in previous cohorts the ratio has been about 120 applicants and 30 acceptees. For us, they only invited 38 to the interviewing process, meaning you had a REALLY good shot of getting in just by sitting down for the one on one.

    The program so far has been pretty tough, purely because of how much they throw at you in a short period of time. Personally, I find the material is not that difficult. But managing 19 credits including clinicals can be pretty demanding. Our first semester consisted of two absolutely packed lecture days from like 8am to 4 or 5pm, and one clinical day from 7am-2pm. This semester it's two separate lecture days that let out pretty early and three clinicals from 7am-3pm.

    Honestly, if I were you and I got in, Id take the last few weeks/months to chill out big time, get my personal life in order, spend time with family/friends and get ready to say "No" to them a lot for the next year lol. Your cohort is ABSOLUTELY your best resource for help. They will remind you about deadlines, help you out with assignments, answer your questions and motivate you when you are down. This is why it really pays to be nice to the people you meet on interview day!! They are your extended family for better or worse for the next 12 months.

    As for the textbook question, if you get in feel free to private message me and I'll see if I can hook you up if the textbooks are t
  6. by   Melrosewood
    That makes me feel better about my chances of getting accepted. Not sure if already having a BA from FIU would help too. Fingers crossed! I got a C in Physio, which is the only reason I don't have a 4.0 in pre req.
    I am anticipating to be absolutely overwhelmed by workload, but I have been preparing for that mentally. The program wouldn't exist if it weren't possible. At least, thats what I keep telling myself
    The whole idea of procrastination doesn't exist in my life now as a stay at home mom. I need to balance suddenly being away from my kid for the first time in 2 years. That is going to be the difficult transition for me. But its not impossible. I'm honestly excited to have adult conversations again.
    I appreciate the tips. I am glad that whatever program hopefully accepts me, gives me the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and meet people I may end up working with. I'll definitely be friendly!

    Also, did you apply to other programs? I also applied to UM-ABSN, and Nova. Did you get accepted into other programs and decide on FIU? If you did choose FIU over others, what influenced that decision?
  7. by   Gram Stain
    I applied to UM's ABSN program and Miami-Dade's ASN three semester program. Both accepted me. FIU was my first choice because A) it's a really good school and B) the cost of attendance is $14k versus $40k at UM (OUCH!). Dade was my backup because I wanted to get my BSN in one shot.

    We do actually have a couple parents in the program and they are managing pretty well. Obviously having kids is a big stress, but as long as you can stay one step ahead of your classwork you should be A-OK. What I love doing is taking assignments that professors release at the beginning of the semester and knocking them out ASAP, leaving me time for the meatier stuff instead of the busy work.

    Good luck to you!
  8. by   Melrosewood
    Yes the cost is really outrageous. I just moved back from California in March, so I will not be considered an in-state student until next March, so I am unsure as to how the cost of FIU's ABSN will actually turn out for me. I did not qualify for a waiver because I am a second degree student. So in that regard, FIU is 2 minutes away from me, so simply by proximity, the idea of not dealing with traffic sounds too good to pass up.

    I'm happy to hear there are other parents going through this! I'll keep all your suggestions in mind!

    Lastly, do you have any feedback so far on teachers, faculty and how supportive they are with student success?
    Are clinicals assigned or do you get to choose? What are the options?

    I cant thank you enough for easing my pre-nursing school concerns. I will definitely send you a message if I get accepted!
  9. by   trudydiaz
    @melrosewood hey when did you submit your app??! i'm waiting for my status to be changed to
  10. by   joss_
    Hey everyone! I submitted my app a while back, and I'm so nervous! Honestly not confident at all, but hoping!

    @ Gram Stain, thank you for all the information!
    When exactly did your program start?
    Is admission presented in the fall but it starts in the Spring? Or did you take two classes in the fall and then start Spring?
    Online in their brochure it says that it really starts in the Fall with two classes: Foundations of Nurse Practice & the Lab.
  11. by   Gram Stain
    Our program started during the second week of December if I remember correctly. We had a two week boot camp for Fundamentals during which we practiced clinical skills and procedures in the simulation lab and did self-directed studying for a pass/fail final.

    Admission decisions were sent out for us in October and we had orientation in November. Our "heavy" coursework began with the spring semester.
  12. by   Melrosewood
    Quote from trudydiaz
    @melrosewood hey when did you submit your app??! i'm waiting for my status to be changed to
    Hey! Just saw this. I submitted my FIU application on June 3rd, and my UM application on June 4th.
  13. by   catek
    Now that the applications are submitted, does anyone know if we should expect to receive confirmations or anything from FIU anytime soon? I'm nervous now that the deadline has passed.
  14. by   Gram Stain
    Last year I got an application confirmation on August 25th. That time will vary depending on their internal processes, though.