Famu Nursing School Spring 2014 - page 5

Has anyone already began submitting their applications to Famu nursing program for the spring of 2014? Im about to submit mines. Any pointers? I stay n Miami Fl standing at a 3.5 GPA. Where can i... Read More

  1. by   MsSuggs
    Mine is on Friday the 22nd at 2!!
  2. by   Ms.ac
    Congrats everyone, doesn't look like I'm getting an interview
  3. by   Medicalgirl2011
    Don't loose hope yet ms ac I'm sure they weren't able to call everyone the same day
  4. by   Medicalgirl2011
    What is everyone's gpa?
  5. by   RNSamone
    Hello everyone, My name is Samone I applied as a Nursing transfer from a state college, I attended FAMU my freshman year 2011/2012. Also I received a phone call and my interview is scheduled for Monday November 25, 2013. Congrats to everyone that got an interview!
  6. by   BenzyStephen
    they only call people who has 3.0 or better and about 60-70ppl for the inteview..
  7. by   gramrn2b
    Wow this mean that about 20 people are going to be cut from the pile! Good luck!
  8. by   gramrn2b
    Also thanks for the info benzystephen
  9. by   BenzyStephen
    yup!!and about 200-400 people apply every sem.
  10. by   MsSuggs
    @BenzyStephen- Do you know how the interview setting will be? For some reason I'm imagining 6 or 7 administrators sitting right in front of me drilling! Lol
  11. by   MsSuggs
    Also, has anyone looked into housing?? I'm going to check out Adams Place & Seminole Landing. They are afford and look pretty good online.
  12. by   Medicalgirl2011
    They all look good online but don't let that fool you because I have been fooled plenty of times by online tours
  13. by   BenzyStephen
    last semester they had 2 administrator.one of them was a nursing director or a cordinator and the other one was like student/intern doing their masters. they asked about 4-5 questions